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Hair transplantation is one of the popular procedures in today’s world. It is known as the most preferred procedure by people who experience hair loss worldwide. If you have lost your hair permanently, you can have hair transplantation. So, how should you plan your hair transplantation operation? What are the things you should pay attention before you have hair transplantation? You can find answers to these and similar questions in our article.

Hair transplantation is a very serious procedure although it is frequently done. If you do not pay due attention to certain issues, your expectations may not be fully met. You may even face even bigger problems. Ultimately, hair transplantation is a surgical procedure and has its own risks. Here are the things you should plan for a proper hair transplantation.


Hair Transplantation Planning Stages

1. Research

There are many clinicsthat carry out hair transplantation operations. But it is difficult to say that all of them are of the same quality. In order for this operation to be successful, a quality clinic should be preferred. Serious research is required in order to choose them.


2. Online Consultation

Be sure that you have consultation after you have chosen the clinic for hair transplantation. Please note that there is an online consultation option if the clinic you want to choose is in a different city or country. At this stage, try to explain the general condition of your hair as much as possible. Ask any questions you may have, and carefully evaluate your answers.

In the consultation stage, please indicate that you would like to see examples of hair transplantation that the clinic has done before. This will give you important examples of how successful the clinic is doing. In addition, do not forget to get information about the surgeon and other health professionals who will perform the procedure. Remember, the more experienced the hair transplantation team will be, the more successful the result will be.

Considering the issues mentioned here, we can say that you should never underestimate the consultation phase. The answers you receive at this stage should satisfy you completely. Also, the answers given to you should reflect the quality of the clinic. This will only be possible with clear and precise answers. If you notice shallow answers, word entanglements, and similar word games, look for a different clinic.

Our clinic is one of the pioneers in this field. It applies the most advanced hair transplantation techniques with modern medical devices. All surgeons working in our clinic are experts in their fields and have enough experience. It meets your expectations in every sense at the highest level. If you want to get more detailed information, please feel free to contact us.


3. Setting the Day for Surgery

After the consultation, the date of hair transplantation should be determined. At this point, note that you will need to set up your own calendar and jobs. Determine the operation date by taking this into consideration.

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4. Flight Booking

You will need to book a flight ticket after the date of surgery. Be sure to contact the clinic before booking your flight and book it accordingly. This will prevent any mishap.


5. Accommodation Reservation

If you need to be in the clinic before surgery, you will need accommodation for the first days before and after surgery. You don’t have to worry about it. Your accommodation is reserved by our clinic. During this time, you will be our guest. Therefore, you will not have to pay an extra fee for your stay.


6. Getting Ready for Surgery

You should pay attention to your life before hair transplantation. In this way, the success of the operation will be even higher. After deciding to have hair transplantation, pay more attention to healthy eating. You may need to follow a diet according to your doctor’s advice. In this way, the vitamins, proteins and minerals that the grafts need after hair transplantation can be provided by your body.

You should also exercise during the preparation for surgery. This will make your blood flow more regular. You can also increase the success of hair transplantation with scalp massages and PRP treatment.


7. Pre-Examination

Your online consultation will resolve any questions you may have. However, the doctors who will carry out te operation should make a preliminary examination to see the condition of your hair. With this examination, hair transplantation is planned. This step is important in determining the number of grafts to be used, the angle at which the grafts are to be placed and other similar considerations.

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Things to Know After Surgery

Your hair transplantation plan is outlined above. Never forget that the planning should proceed in a similar manner after surgery. What you need to know after surgery is just as important as surgery. Because the mistakes you make at this stage may cause all efforts to be wasted. What you need to know at this stage can be listed as follow:


  • You must follow all instructions given by your doctor after hair transplantation.
  • Your hair will be washed for the first time in the clinic. This washing is done 36-48 hours after hair transplantation. After the first wash, you should wash your hair as instructed by your doctor. Regular daily washings will remove the scalp residue.
  • While washing your hair, you should never rub your hair or press on your scalp. These are the same while drying your hair.
  • Your hair will be shed to a great extent after the operation. This is completely normal and is called shock loss. You don’t have to worry at this stage.
  • You can see the first results in a few months. However, you will have to wait for an average of 1 year to see the final results.
  • If you encounter an abnormal situation, you should contact our clinic quickly. This prevents potential problems before they get bigger.
  • Your scalp will itch in the first period. Do not scratch your scalp during this period. If you have itching that cannot be tolerated, consult your doctor.

When you plan according to the issues mentioned in our article, we can say that your expectations will be highly met.

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