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Are you tired of feeling self-conscious about your sagging skin? Do you want to reverse the signs of aging and achieve a more youthful appearance? Look no further than a face lift and neck lift! These two procedures, when done together, can provide incredible results that will leave you feeling confident and rejuvenated. In this blog post, we’ll explore the advantages of having a face lift and neck lift together – so get ready to say goodbye to sagging skin for good!

What is a Face Lift and Neck Lift?

A face lift, also called a rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure to improve visible signs of aging in the face and neck. A face lift can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines, improve the look of jowls, and provide a mini-brow lift. It can also be combined with other procedures, such as a neck lift, to create comprehensive rejuvenation results.

A face lift usually involves incisions being made along the hairline at the temples, extending down in front of the ear (sometimes called a “pre-auricular” incision), and sometimes continuing behind the ear into the hair. The skin is then lifted off of the underlying tissues and any excess skin is trimmed away. The remaining skin is re-draped and sutured in place. Sometimes drains are used during surgery to help minimize postoperative swelling.

A neck lift, or cervicoplasty, is often performed in conjunction with a face lift to create more comprehensive rejuvenation results. A neck lift can correct loose skin and muscle in the neck area, as well as fat deposits that create a “double chin” appearance. Incisions for a neck lift are usually made along the lower border of the hairline in front of and behind the ears. Excess skin and fatty tissue is removed and the remaining skin is re-draped and sutured into place.

Benefits of Doing a Face Lift and Neck Lift Together

A face lift and neck lift are often performed together because they address similar concerns. The skin around your face and neck can begin to sag as you age, due to a loss of collagen and elastin. This can make you look older than you feel, and can be frustrating if you’ve taken good care of your skin.

A face lift and neck lift can help to reverse the signs of aging by tightening the skin and underlying muscles. This can give you a more youthful appearance, and can help you feel better about yourself. It’s important to note that a face lift and neck lift won’t stop the aging process – but it can help you look your best at any age.

If you’re considering a face lift or neck lift, it’s important to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon. They will be able to assess your individual needs and recommend the best course of treatment.

Risks Involved in Having a Face Lift and Neck Lift Together

Most people don’t know that there are risks involved in having a face lift and neck lift together. The most common risk is infection. This can happen at the incision site or anywhere else on the body. Other risks include:


Neck Lift How to Prepare for the Procedure

A face lift and neck lift is a common plastic surgery procedure that can help to improve the appearance of your face and neck. If you are considering this procedure, it is important to be aware of how to best prepare for it. Here are a few tips:

1. Choose the right surgeon: This is perhaps the most important step in preparing for your face lift and neck lift. Be sure to select a board certified plastic surgeon with experience performing this type of procedure.

2. Get informed: Once you have chosen your surgeon, schedule a consultation appointment. During this meeting, be sure to ask questions about the procedure, recovery process, and expected results. This will help you to feel more comfortable and confident going into the surgery.

3. Stop smoking: If you smoke cigarettes, it is important to quit at least two weeks before your surgery date. Smoking can impede healing and increase the risk of complications after surgery.

4. Arrange for assistance: You will need someone to drive you home after your surgery and help you out around the house for the first few days or weeks as you recover. Make arrangements with family or friends ahead of time so that everything is taken care of in advance.

5. Follow pre-operative instructions: Your surgeon will likely give you specific instructions to follow in the days leading up to your surgery, such as eating a healthy diet, avoiding alcohol, and getting plenty of rest. It is important that you follow these instructions carefully

Aftercare Tips for a Successful Procedure

Assuming you have both a face lift and neck lift together, here are some tips for ensuring a successful procedure:

-Apply ice to your face and neck for the first 24 hours to reduce swelling.
-Sleep with your head elevated for the first few nights.
-Avoid strenuous activity for at least two weeks.
-Be sure to cleanse your skin gently and avoid sun exposure.
-Follow all of your surgeon’s instructions carefully.

Alternatives to Having Both Procedures Done Together

When it comes to having a face lift and a neck lift, you have a few options. You can have both procedures done together, or you can have them done separately. There are advantages and disadvantages to both choices.

If you choose to have both procedures done together, the biggest advantage is that you only have to undergo one surgery. This means less time in the hospital, less recovery time, and less anesthesia. It also means that you only have to pay for one surgery.

However, there are some disadvantages to having both procedures done together. First, it is a more extensive surgery, so there is a greater risk of complications. Second, because the procedures are done together, there is a higher chance that you will need revision surgery down the road. Finally, because the recovery period is shorter when both procedures are done together, you may not get all of the results you would if you had them done separately.

If you choose to have the procedures done separately, the biggest advantage is that you can space out the surgeries and recoveries. This means less risk of complications and revisions, and it also allows you to achieve your desired results more slowly (and with less risk). However, the downside is that having themdone separately costs more money and takes more time overall.


Overall, a face lift and neck lift can be an excellent way to instantly restore youthful vibrancy and look years younger. The combination of the two procedures is especially beneficial in preserving natural structure while also providing dramatic results that last for many years. If you are considering facial rejuvenation surgery, combining a face lift with a neck lift may be the best decision for achieving long-lasting results without looking unnatural or artificial.

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