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Some time is required for the transplanted grafts to settle after hair transplantation. After this phase is overcome without any problems, the hair starts to grow. For the process to continue healthier, the hair must be cut at the right time and in the right way. Can I shave after hair transplantation? Or how long should I wait for this? All the answers can be found in our article.

As is known, different tools are used when cutting hair. Haircuts can be performed with tools such as scissors, machine and razors. It is not possible to use them immediately after hair transplantation. Because a wrong move can cause the newly transplanted grafts to die. Remember that you must act according to the instructions given by your doctor in order to prevent such a situation.


When & How To Make the First Correction?

If the FUE method is preferred, generally all the hair is already shortened just before hair transplantation. Thus, hair transplantation is provided to be healthier. Then the hair transplantation procedure is carried out. Shortly after hair transplantation, a condition called shock hair loss occurs. In this position, some of the transplanted hair is temporarily lost. This situation is considered to be extremely normal. After the hair loss, hair follicles develop and after a while, hair starts to regrow.

When hair starts to grow after shock hair loss, an imbalance will occur between the hair lengths. Because hair that is not transplanted, that is, natural, continues to grow normally. As the transplanted hair will begin to grow later, some of the hair will be long and some will be short. Optionally, a correction procedure can be performed to fix this.

During the first 2 weeks, the risk of transplanted hair is high. Therefore, shaving, sexual intercourse and similar situations are prohibited by the doctor. However, at the end of the first month, a trimming shave can be performed if the doctor allows it.

During the first trimming shave in the first month, scissors are used. The scalp is never touched. In addition, this cut is done gently, without pulling the hair. Shaving here is for trimming purposes only and is a fairly simple procedure. No tools other than scissors should be used.

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When To Cut Hair With Scissors?

Cut Hair With Scissors

It is stated above that the first cut can be performed at the end of the first month. However, a doctor’s permission is required for this. A considerable number of doctors do not favour cutting hair in the first month. However, by the second month, the situation changes. During this period, cutting can be performed using scissors. However, other than scissors, tools such as shaver and razor cannot be used.

After hair transplantation, scab formation occurs due to the healing on the scalp. Scabs attached to the wounds die away over time. They are expected to disappear largely especially after the first wash. However, there may be cases of not going away completely in the second month. For this reason, the scalp should not be contacted for the haircut and the contacting tools should not be used.


Haircut With Shaver

Haircut With Shaver

At the end of the first 3 months, the scalp is healed and the grafts are in place. Shaver can be used in this period. However, it should be remembered that the scalp is still sensitive. Therefore, no pressure should be applied to the scalp. In addition, the smallest cut should be 3 mm in this period to completely eliminate a possible incision. No 0 (zero) number head should be used. Otherwise, cuts may cause an infection.

Finally, cutting the scalp with a razor blade poses a serious risk during this period. Therefore, it should not be cut with a razor.


When To Cut Hair With A Cut-Throat Razor?

Cut Hair With A Cut-Throat Razor

The scalp needs to be fully healed in order to cut hair with a cut-throat razor after hair transplantation. And this happens at the end of 6 months at the earliest. It is also very important to get permission from your doctor before cutting your hair with a cut-throat razor. Otherwise, situations that may arise can cause serious problems.



The shaving process after hair transplantation is as explained in general terms. Never forget that you must act according to your doctor’s instructions before the related procedures. It is also very important to wash the hair on time and correctly in order to make the cuts as stated here. There is a direct relationship between washing and cutting. If the washing is done wrong, you may need to shave at different times.