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Although hair transplantation does not exactly resemble other surgical procedures, one must bear in mind that it is also a surgical operation. Therefore, there are different factors that affect hair transplantation. Keeping these factors under control makes it possible to increase the success rate. Primary factor that influences hair transplantation is the addiction of the individuals to alcohol and smoking.

It is known that alcohol and smoking are very harmful for human health and that they influence the general functioning of the body negatively. Because of these influences, it can be said that they also affect hair transplantation adversely.

What are the negative effects of alcohol and smoking on hair transplantation? How do they influence the treatment and recovery process?


The Effect of Smoking on Hair Transplantation

Numerous chemical substances found in cigarette constitute serious risks for human health. Because of these risks, negative circumstances like people catching different diseases and giving late response to the treatments may occur. Similar situations are also seen in the case of hair transplantation procedures. The substances entering the body with cigarette affect the cell structure and give harm to these cells. These substances that enter to the body as particles accumulate over time in the lungs and other points of the respiratory system.  As a result, its effect lasts for a long time. In general, the harm caused by smoking is as such. Considering it in case of hair transplantation, these negative sides affect the hair transplantation in one way or the other. First, the fact that smoking affects the general health condition in the negative way and damages the balance within the body will decrease the success rate of the hair transplantation to be made.  Because a healthy body will be able to feed the grafts to be planted in a more effective way. In case of smoking this will be more limited.

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Smoking Retards the Recovery Period in Hair Transplantation

It has been proven by research that there are various changes in heart rhythm and blood flow rate due to smoking. Slow blood flow means insufficient nourishment of the transplanted hair. This in return delays the recovery period and causes more incrustation, although temporary, on the scalp.


One of the most important effects of smoking is the weakening of the immune system. Considering hair plantation as a surgical procedure, it must be noted that it is very critical that the immune system does its part properly prior or after the process. When the immune system is weak, the possibility of various complications will be high. These kinds of risks may cause even more important health issues. Therefore, smoking must be avoided prior or after the operation.


The Effect of Alcohol Consumption on Hair Transplantation

There will be positive or negative effects of any substances taken into the body. Alcohol is one of the substances that have negative effects, and this has been accepted by all the health organizations. Therefore, alcohol consumption during and after the hair transplantation decreases the success rate and delays the recovery period of the process.

Alcohol dilutes the blood by its nature. Having diluting effect means increase in the bleeding to be seen during the hair transplantation. Bleeding for the people who don’t consume alcohol are lower. More bleeding of the alcohol consumers will make the application difficult and this in return will adversely affect the success rate. Because hair transplantation is a process that may take long hours depending on the situation. A minor difficulty during the process may influence the whole process.


Another negative effect of alcohol consumption is its hinderance of the enough nourishment of the transplanted grafts. The alcohol found in the blood limits the transportation of the useful substances to a certain degree. This in return means damaging of the grafts that need to be fed especially at the beginning.

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When Should the Alcohol and Smoking Be Abandoned Prior to Hair Transplantation?

It is known that alcohol and smoking are addictive substances and that quitting them is not easy. But they should be abandoned completely in order to increase the success rate of an important process like hair transplantation. If this is not possible, a period of break is a must. Otherwise, the experience of above-mentioned negativities will be inevitable.

A period of around two weeks is enough for the negative effects of alcohol and smoking to disappear. For this reason, smoking and alcohol consumption should be stopped or suspended 2 weeks before the operation. In this way, it will be possible for the blood flow rate to normalize, hearth to function properly and dilution in blood to vanish. For these effects to appear more clearly, it will be even better to stop them 4 weeks before the operation.

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Avoiding smoking and alcohol consumption should continue after as well as before the hair transplantation. So, it would be a big mistake to start smoking right after the hair transplantation. Such a situation means a negative influence on the recovery period. A period of 2 to 4 months is required for the initial results of the hair transplantation. So, for the best results smoking and alcohol consumption should be avoided during this period. It would be the best decision to quit these habits altogether which are harmful to health.

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