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Liposuction is an effective procedure to reshape one’s body by removing persistent fat. Thus, it is one of the most preferred cosmetic procedures around the world. When fat removal is considered, people generally think about belly and outer thighs. This is one of the general misconceptions about liposuction. Liposuction can be applied on these regions as well as other regions of one’s body. There are many unknown regions to which this application can yield results. Below, you will be able to find details about 4 of them.

Before passing on to 4 quite unknown regions where liposuction can be applied, there are some important points to be highlighted. Liposuction is effective to remove fat that can’t be burnt in spite of diet and exercise. It is not an alternative to diet and exercise nor it can be accepted as a weight loss procedure. Patients must pay attention to their life styles and nutrition habits after the procedure. This way, obtained results can be permanent.


1. Cankles Liposuction

Meaning the point where ankle and calf meet, cankle draws attention as another region of human body where liposuction can be applied. People with persistence fat generation around their ankles and calves realize after some time that their ankles and calves have the same volume. It is possible to burn fat from this region by exercising and diet, but it should be highlighted that this is really difficult and limited. For that purpose, the most effective solution is liposuction. With this method, thin ankles can be obtained and ankles become distinct. Hence, the appearance of this area becomes aesthetic again.


Flank Liposuction



2. Breasts

The most effective method to decrease breast size is breast reduction surgery. But, liposuction can also provide limited amount of decrease in breast size. With this procedure, excess fat removed from breast region can provide decrease in breast weight. This way, breasts can lift a little. All these make it possible for liposuction to be effective to lift breasts.

With this procedure applied to breasts, decrease in breast size will be obtained. Although it has such benefit, this procedure is not an effective procedure to reshape breasts. Effects will be limited.


3. Upper Body and Back Liposuction

Women being in the first place, many people complain about fat in upper body and back. Fat in this regions may result in swelling below and above bra line. Such appearance is really not good for women. However, fat in these regions does not go away with exercise easily. With liposuction procedure, fat in these regions can be removed and regions can be reshaped as well. This way, expectations are met completely.


4. Jaw

Many people think that liposuction can only be applied to upper and lower body. In addition, liposuction is a highly effective procedure to remove fat from face. Fat accumulation around jaw in particular causes a display problem called as double chin. This affects one’s appearance completely in a negative way. Effective solution to double chin problem is possible with this procedure. Fat is removed and chin region is reshaped so that appearance problems can be overcome.

What Should Be Done for Fast Recovery After Liposuction?

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Examples above show that liposuction is effective to remove persistent fat from different parts of body. With a procedure done by an expert surgeon and staff, you can reshape your body without any problem.

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