All procedures are supervised by the Hair Specialist Doctor

1 Doctor

2 Nurse

An opportunity to get a VIP Hair Transplant Package performed by a Hair Specialist Surgeon. We offer our very best VIP DHI Package solutions for you!

7/24 Personal Assistant

Upto 5000 Grafts Implant





3 Nights Hotel

6 to 9 Hours

All VIP Transfers

7/24 Personal Assistant

5 Stars Hotel Accommodation

We provide you all the internal transfers during your hair transplantation procedure with VIP cars.

We provide you 5 stars hotel accommodation in Istanbul.

Only VIP DHI is 3 nights hotel

Only VIP DHI is city center hotels (Conrad or Swiss)

You can be in contact with our case managers and our 

doctors 7/24.


DAY 1Welcome to İstanbul

DAY 2Operation Day

DAY 2Check-up Day & Return Back to Your Country

  • Arrival at Istanbul Airport
  • The assigned transfer member will welcome you upon arrival
  • The chauffeur will accompany you to the 5-star Hotel
  • You may relax on your first day and the following day prepare yourself for the procedure
  • The chauffeur will accompany you to the Hospital
  • Check into the operating room
  • Consultation with the Hair Transplant Specialist
  • Preparations for the procedure (Prepping the donor area)
  • Preparation tests 
  • Procedure begins
  • Duration: 6 to 9 hours
  • Upon the completion of the procedure, you will be returning to the hotel to rest
  • Final Check-up & Departure
  • You will be escorted to the Hospital
  • Post-procedure check-up with the Hair Specialist
  • Bandage removal
  • Preparing for the departure 
  • The chauffeur will escort you to the Airport 
  • VIP DHI clients will be taken back to the hotel to relax, and also alternatively, the VIP clients can join the scheduled Istanbul City Tour if they wish to.

Special VIP DHI Package

Day 4

Aftercare First Wash

  • The chauffeur will take you to the Hospital
  • Preparation for the first hair wash
  • Free aftercare set provided
  • Alternatively, you will be escorted back to the hotel, or the airport for departure
  • Join the Istanbul City Tour


COSMETICIUM offers VIP DHI hair transplant services for VIP patients and the patient gets all the attention.

The entire process is arranged by us from A to Z, you only need to provide a desired date and flights.

Included in this package, a 6-month aftercare set is a gift at a price of $425.



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Services and Accommodations FUE, DHI and              DHI  Procedures

Hair transplantation is a painless, surgical technique. 

There are 3 types of hair transplantation, an individual may be a suitable candidate for either FUE or DHI procedures.

FUE(2 Nights)

DHI(2 Nights)

               DHI(3 Nights)


Hair implantation

by %100 Doctor

Hair Extraction by 

%100 Doctor

First Hair Wash

Suite Hotel Room

Istanbul City Tour

VIP Welcome Kit

The Most Famous City Center 5* Hotels (Conrad or Swiss)

Hair implantation 

by Doctor and 


Standard Hotel Room

Without Shaving 

the Head

VIP Airport Transfers 

(pick up and drop off)

Care Service After 

Hair Transplant

All required medications 

during and after 

the procedure

Painless Needle-Free 


Consultation by 


Hair Extraction by 


Sevda Martin

V.I.P Patient Coordinator




Sevda Martin

V.I.P Patient Coordinator