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Recently, interest in nose job has increased a lot. The nose job, also known as rhinoplasty, removes functional problems in nose as well as allows reshaping it. Thus, people’s quality of life increases and they can have the nose they want. However, nose job surgery processes may not always go as desired. Sometimes the result may be disappointing. The most important factor affecting all of these is rhinoplasty doctors. In order not to encounter such negative situations, you should be very conscious while you are choosing your doctor.

What are the most important features that rhinoplasty doctors should have? What should be considered when you are choosing your doctor? All will be in our article.


1. Should Be Approved By The Board

Surgeons must successfully pass some training and eventually obtain approval from state medical board to be able to serve. The state medical board, however, reviews the surgeon’s medical competence in this situation. But they do not concern whether the surgeon has training in a special field (Such as rhinoplasty). Therefore, such simple medical board approval may unfortunately not show that a surgeon has received training in rhinoplasty or has serious experience in this field. For this reason, you should ask whether rhinoplasty doctors are approved by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. This approval is a special approval related to cosmetic procedures.


2. Should Be Academic-Oriented

It is important for a surgeon to have an academic side as well as medical competence. Academic side will help a rhinoplasty doctor to improve himself/herself much more, make research all the time and be an expert at a serious level. Participating in distinguished organizations related to their field and receiving certificates and approvals by completing their training here are such details that show they will exceedingly meet the expectations. For all these reasons, be careful that your surgeon has an academic side.

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3. Should Consider Nose Airway

Nose is one of the critical organs for people to live a healthy life. Even if you do not have any breathing problem breathing before rhinoplasty, you may encounter such a problem as a result of incorrect interventions to nasal airway during surgery. For this reason, make sure that your doctor pays attention to your nasal airway and breathing status while planning. Do not prefer rhinoplasty doctors who do not understand nasal anatomy and its dynamics!

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4. Should Help Their Patients Feel Comfortable

Rhinoplasty doctors should make their patients feel comfortable with their qualities and communication skills. Their experience and expertise, being approved by the board and being able to show before and after photos of patients who underwent rhinoplasty surgery are important for you to feel comfortable. During the consultation phase, getting satisfactory answers to all your questions, being successful in communication and understanding you in every sense are the characteristics that a good doctor should have.


5. Should Have the Expertise in Rhinoplasty Field

Rhinoplasty is an extremely serious procedure even though it is performed intensively today. In order for this procedure to be performed, the surgeon must have serious expertise. The surgeon must have complete knowledge of the nose subject and have gained experience by using his/her knowledge. Nobody wants to be the first rhinoplasty patient of a surgeon. You should not prefer a doctor who hasn’t done surgery in this field before, doesn’t prove himself/herself and doesn’t have experience. Because it is very important that rhinoplasty doctors have an academic side as well as medical competence.

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