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Having big, full, and attractive breasts is the dream of many women. Therefore, breast augmentation procedures are primary aesthetic operations performed worldwide. Breast augmentation by fat transfer is one of them and it has many different advantages compared to its alternatives. What are the main advantages of breast augmentation by fat transfer? Why should this procedure be preferred?


1. The Result Is Natural

While one of the main goals in breast augmentation procedures is to enlarge the breasts, preserving the naturalness can be expressed as the second goal. In breast augmentation performed using implants, it is ensured that the results are as natural as possible. However, no substance gives the natural feeling and appearance as much as fat taken from your body.

While women used to wish for larger breasts in the past, today extremely large breasts are not preferred. Instead, a natural appearance is desired. Breast augmentation by fat transfer fully meets the expectations. It provides this naturalness at the highest level both in terms of appearance and feeling.


2. Fat Injection Can Be Used Together With Implants

If you are not satisfied with the size and shape of the breast despite the use of implants, you can choose the fat injection option. Fat can be injected into the breasts with the implant so that both shape and size can be readjusted.

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3. Less Risky

Implants used for breast augmentation are unknown substances for the body. There may be risks and possible complications from time to time. However, the fact that no unknown substance is given to the body in fat injection ensures that these risks are eliminated or reduced to a minimum.

Breast Aesthetic

For breast augmentation by fat transfer, fat taken from the patient’s body is used. Fats are usually taken from the abdomen, thighs, waist, and back. Thus, these areas are also made thinner.

Using your fat eliminates many risks. For example, there may be a risk of leakage and capsule formation due to implant use. In case of these risks, the implant must be completely removed and replaced by a new one. In other words, additional surgery is required. However, this is not the case with fat injection.

A final risk is related to breastfeeding. While the use of implants can be an obstacle to breastfeeding to a great extent, fat injection is a much more problem-free method in this regard.


4. Contains Liposuction

There is also liposuction in the breast augmentation procedure by fat injection. Fats taken from other parts of your body with liposuction are processed and injected into your breasts. Thus, your breasts are shaped.

Having liposuction in the procedure means you get rid of stubborn fat in different parts of your body. Liposuction applied to your waist, abdomen, thighs, and upper arms and back allows these areas to be reshaped. Considering all these together, it can be stated that you shape not only your breasts but also different parts of your body similarly.


5. No Need for Additional Care

Using the fats taken from you in fat injection eliminates the need for extra care. The reason is your fat does not pose a risk of complications to your body. However, breast augmentation with an implant requires care over time. At least, the implants need to be checked regularly and removed after they expire.

The expiration of implants is generally 10-15 years. Besides, it should not be forgotten that regular checks should be made against risks such as tearing, slipping, turning, and sagging. There are no such checks in the breast augmentation procedure by fat injection.


6. No Scars Left

To place the implants in the breast, incisions with an average width of 3-4 cm are formed. After these incisions heal, very small scars may remain. Although doctors try to hide these scars in some way, there is no such thing as the complete disappearance of the scars. However, the size of the incisions formed for fat injection is only 3-4 mm. When the incisions of this size heal, there is no scar left.


7. Adjustable Size

This may sound interesting, but it is possible to adjust the size in breast augmentation by fat injection. Moreover, no additional surgery is required for this. With only a few sessions, it is possible to make your breasts the size you want and adjust their shape.


8. It Works Well On Asymmetrical Breasts

Breast implants have a standard shape and therefore may not always give symmetrical results. Especially in cases where the breasts are asymmetrical, it is extremely difficult for the result to meet the expectations. Fat injection is very successful in giving the desired shape to the breasts. It makes asymmetrical breasts symmetrical. The most important factor providing this is the fact that it can be applied to the desired areas of the breast.

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9. Thinning Occurs In the Areas Where Fat Is Removed

Fats injected into the breasts are taken from different parts of the body. Although this procedure does not aim to make you lose weight, you can have a slimmer appearance depending on the amount of fat removed. Moreover, you do not need to make any additional effort for this. In addition to the desired size breasts, a thinner body will allow you to have the body you dreamt of.