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What is an Asian Nose Job? How Does It Work?

By December 22nd, 2020Plastic Surgery

There are several cosmetic procedures available to shape your nose. Asian nose job, alias Asian rhinoplasty, is one of them. If you continue reading our article, you can find the things you wonder about an Asian nose job, which is a unique operation.

Asian Nose Job

What Is Asian Nose Job?

An Asian nose job has been developed to overcome aesthetic and functional nasal problems effectively. With this operation, the focus is on the expansion of the nasal channel and nasal tip. Thus, it is ensured that the nose is coherent with other parts of the face.

An Asian nose job can be considered as a special procedure that can be used against different problems. For people with a flat nose, implants can be used to emphasize the face clearly. For people with a big and bulbous nose, the reshaping process is applied so that it fits well with features. In this procedure, there are cartilage and silicone implants as well as dorsal deformity correction. It may also consist of reshaping nasal bone and removal of the excess bone when necessary.

How Is Asian Nose Job Applied?

In Asian nose job surgery, overcoming functional problems and reshaping nasal structure according to the patient’s requests are essential. For this end, different techniques are used during the procedure. First of all, the nasal structure is evaluated and the patient’s expectation is asked. Then, a suitable plan is prepared. According to the plan, the nose is reshaped and the life quality of the patients is increased.

In the procedure, there is one noninvasive method as well. In this method, known as liquid rhinoplasty, breathing is made easier. This way, the nose can feature your face better.

What is an Asian Nose JobRecovery time

Recovery time after surgeries depend on the procedure applied. If a non-invasive method like liquid rhinoplasty is preferred, recovery time will be shorter. On the other hand, if cartilage or bone reshaping is on the carpet, then recovery time will definitely be longer.

After the surgery, bruises and rash may occur around the nasal region. Additionally, in the beginning, a moderate to the high amount of pain should be expected. These are the natural experiences during recovery. To ease your pain, you can use the painkiller prescribed by your doctor. As time passes, all pain, bruises, and a rash will go away.

The average recovery time after Asian nose job surgery is 2 weeks. After that, you can go back to your daily routine provided that you don’t exhaust yourself.

How Much Does Asian Nose Job Cost?

Asian nose job costs much less in Turkey when compared to USA and EU countries. For people preferring to have this operation in Turkey, we can mention 60-70% saving. The main reason behind this is that medical tourism in Turkey is supported by the government and, of course, the exchange difference is another reason. Turkish Lira is lower in value than Euro, Dollar, or Pound. Therefore, expenses that sum up to the cost of operation are also low.

The main point to be known about the cost of the procedure is that the cost may change depending on the methods applied to patients. The complexity of the procedure is one of the essential cost-effective factors. Similarly, materials and goods used during the operation are also important from a cost point of view.

Asian Nose Job In Turkey

An Asian nose job is applied in different ways depending on the conditions of a patient in Turkey. Furthermore, it should be acknowledged that the opinions of Turkish plastic surgeons are as important as patients’ conditions and expectations. Surgeons select the most suitable method and materials and perform the procedure within your knowledge.

There are special packages offered at many clinics in Turkey for foreign patients. In such packages, services like shuttle transfer between airport/hotel/clinic, personal translator, and accommodation are included. Due to high success rate of Turkish plastic surgeons as well as world class service quality, Turkey is one of the popular countries for plastic surgery.