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Having big forehead baldness occurred due to hair loss can bring different problems with it. In such cases, it may be difficult to find enough amount of hair in the back of the neck and other body parts are evaluated. At this point, the first regions to evaluate are the beard region and chest region. Since facial hair is more ideal than chest hair, the graft is generally gathered from the beard region. A graft from the beard region is thick and it grows just like normal hair. Moreover, it is effective to obtain the desired density. All other details about hair transplants from the beard can be found in our article below.


Why Does Hair Transplant from Beard Become Necessary?

Hair transplant is an application used to cover existing baldness due to hair loss and ensuring the right amount of density during the operation. However, when the bald area is wide and hair in the back of the neck is not enough, a necessary amount of graft can’t be obtained.

Normally, from the back of the neck, around 7000-8000 grafts can be obtained for hair transplant. But if hair density there is not high enough, then this figure would be lower. At this point, the need is fulfilled from the beard. With grafts from the beard region, the bald area is covered and the desired density is obtained as well. In Turkey, hair transplant from beard is applied with a high success rate.

How Is Hair Transplant From Beard Done?

A hair transplant from a beard is done in a similar way to a normal hair transplant. Scar occurrence due to obtaining grafts from the beard region is not a matter to consider. In Turkey, steps for hair transplant from a beard are generally as follows:

  • Firstly, the necessary amount of graft is calculated and the decision is taken about the source region (generally, grafts from the back of the neck are preferred).
  • Obtained beards are not planted to the front. Instead, they are transplanted to rear sections and vertex regions.
  • Before starting graft collection from the beard region, local anesthesia is applied and then suitable grafts are collected. Depending on the size of the bald area, the amount of graft to be collected may vary. However, it can be said that with 2000 grafts on average, the baldness can be covered.
  • After graft collecting is completed, local anesthesia is applied to the transplantation region and then channels are opened.
  • Finally, collected grafts are placed into the channels and the process is completed.

Hair transplant from beard is as described above in general terms. Rarely, small scale bleeding may occur from the beard region where grafts are collected. In this case, the bandage is onto the beard region and bleeding is stopped.

Who Can Have It?

A hair transplant from a beard may not be suitable for everyone. There are some conditions that candidates have to have. Possible candidates are men who:

  • Don’t have enough hair graft in back of the neck
  • Want to have a dense look
  • Have bushy beard
  • Thin hair strand
  • Have dense hair in the neck region
  • Want vertex region to be covered
  • Don’t have any health problem preventing hair transplant and anesthesia

Men who have the above-mentioned conditions can have a hair transplants from a beard done.

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What Are The Advantages of Hair Transplant from Beard?

There are several advantages of a hair transplant from the beard. Because of these advantages, it is preferred. They are as given below:

  • Since beard hair is thicker, it is possible to obtain the expected density.
  • If the patient has thin hair strands, increasing the density of hair can be done with obtained beard hair.
  • Strong beard grafts have more resistance against shock hair loss than hair grafts.
  • When compared to hair grafts, beard grafts provide much more effective results for the vertex regions located on top of the head. Since beard grafts are thicker the region is covered better.
  • For men having a Norwood 6-7 level of baldness, using beard grafts is almost a routine application. This application can meet expectations preeminently.
  • Beard grafts are generally in the anagen phase. Thus, the success rate of transplantation is much higher.

Beard hair transplant

Is There Any Price Difference for Hair Transplant from Beard?

A hair transplant from a beard is generally a little bit more expensive than a normal hair transplant. The reason for this difference is that it requires more technique and effort to obtain grafts from the beard region.

Cost calculation is generally done according to the number of obtained and used grafts. On top of that, it is also known that there are some other factors that affect the cost of hair transplant from the beard. Therefore, it is difficult to state a definite figure at this point.

In general, the unit price is around 10$ for each graft in the USA and EU countries. Hair transplant from beard is 50-70% cheaper in Turkey when compared to EU countries and