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Big breasts, although they may look attractive, can sometimes cause serious problems. In such cases, having a breast reduction procedure is the shortest solution. Whatever the reason is, preparations before the breast reduction are very important for the success of the procedure.

Breast reduction is a special procedure that requires expertise and experience. For the success of the procedure, the right surgeon and clinic should be preferred. If a random selection is made at this point, there is a great chance that the result will be a huge disappointment. It should also be noted that different health problems may be experienced. After making the right choice, preparations for breast reduction should be started.

How should the consultation and preparations be made before a breast reduction? What are the duties of the clinic and the patient for a successful operation?


Consultation Before Breast Reduction

It is a known fact that women with large breasts experience neck and back pain. Besides, there are problems such as constant staring of men and not being able to wear the clothes they want. Sometimes, because of all these problems and sometimes only because of aesthetic concerns, a breast reduction procedure may be preferred. However, it should be known that this procedure is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, consultation before breast reduction is of great importance to understand this and to learn other details.

During the consultation phase, the patient is informed about her rights, and detailed information is given about it. Then, her complaints and their solutions are determined. It is checked whether the patient’s health condition is suitable for the operation and the medical history is examined. In addition to these, the expectations of the patient from the breast reduction procedure are learned.

If, after the information given, the patient decides to have breast reduction surgery, the procedure is explained to her. Questions such as where the incisions will be opened, if there will be any scars after the surgery and other similar questions are answered. At the end of all these, the appropriate technique is determined and the operation date is given.

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Things to Consider Before Breast Reduction Surgery

Before the breast reduction surgery, all the medications used should be shared with the doctor who will perform the operation. It is known that drugs especially with blood-thinning properties pose a serious risk in surgery. Therefore, these drugs should be suspended for a while following the doctor’s recommendation. Besides, it is a known fact that alcohol use and smoking negatively affect the healing process. Before breast reduction surgery, these should be completely abandoned or reduced.

Breast reduction in Turkey

Another important issue is related to pregnancy. Even if the breastfeeding ability is not completely lost after breast reduction surgery, it may be slightly restricted. Because of such a situation, it would be more appropriate to prefer this procedure by patients who have completed family planning. It should also be remembered that weight gain during pregnancy has a negative effect on the procedure.

The patients must be at their ideal weight before the operation. The reason is that all planning is done according to the current weight. Excessive weight changes after the procedure can affect the results. Therefore, patients must first reach their ideal weight and then undergo surgery.

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How Should the Clinical Preparations Be for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Since the necessary tests and checks will be done in the clinic before the operation, the related documents go directly to the doctor. Those who come to the surgery must choose comfortable clothes and leave their valuable possessions at home. Besides, it should not be forgotten that a supported bra will be given by the clinic for the postoperative period.

Patients are discharged the same day after the operation or are observed overnight. During this period, patients should rest and not do tiring work. It would be the right choice to arrange a companion for a few days to avoid difficulties and affect the success of the procedure. These are the things to be considered before breast reduction in general terms.

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