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Average Forehead Size, which is the part between the front hairline and the eyebrows, can be of different sizes in every person. Having a big forehead can sometimes be considered a sign of old age and sometimes hair loss. Do I have a big forehead or receding hairline? What is the average forehead size for men and women? How to measure it with finger size? All the details are in our article.

Average Forehead Size

How Can You Tell If You Have a Average Forehead Size?

Every person has unique facial features. The location of the eyebrows, the size of the eyes, and similar aspects are different for everyone. Different factors must be taken into account to understand whether you have a big forehead or not. It would not be wrong to say that one of the most important factors is the shape of the face.


The Importance of the Shape of Your Face in Having a Average Forehead Size

The shape and overall size of your face are closely related to the question of whether you have a big forehead. When you know the shape of your face, you can comment more clearly on the size of the area concerned. The most common face shapes are:

Average Forehead Size

  • Rectangle: Found in people with narrow faces.
  • Round: It is the face shape in which the hairline has a rounded appearance.
  • Triangle: The forehead edges are inclined inward and they merge in the center to form a right triangle.
  • M-shaped: While a triangle is formed in the middle of the hairline, a sharp angle is formed at the temples. When viewed as a whole, the hairline looks like the letter M.

What’s the Normal Size of a Forehead?

Having a big forehead can cause different negativities. That’s why many people are curious about the average size of this region. The average forehead size is different for men and women.

Average Forehead Size for Men 

Forehead height in males is on average 2.4 inches (6.1 cm) with a deviation of 0.4 inches. There is a deviation of 0.7 inches for the average width and is 5.4 inches (13.7 cm) on average.

Based on the figures here, the average forehead size in men is 2 to 2.8 inches (5–7 cm) in height and 4.7 to 6.1 inches (12-15.5 cm) in width.

Average Forehead Size for Women 

Forehead height for women is on average 2.3 inches (5.8 cm) with a deviation of 0.3 inches. The width is 5.1 inches (12.9 cm) with a deviation of 0.7 inches.

In the light of the data here, the average forehead size in women is 2-2.6 inches (5 – 6.5 cm) in height and 4.4-5.8 inches (11.2 – 14.7 cm) in width.

Forehead Measurement Method with Fingers

There are different methods to be used to answer the question of “Do I have a big forehead?” However, perhaps the most practical one is the method of measuring with a finger. However, considering that the finger sizes of people can be very different, it should be taken into account that this method may not give accurate results.

Average Forehead Size


Men’s foreheads are approximately the width of their four fingers. There is a similar situation with women. They can measure it with their fingers.

Measuring with fingers can sometimes be misleading. Using the whole hand instead can give more accurate results. The average forehead size of people is about 80% of the width of their hands. If your forehead is more than 80% the size of your hand when you measure it with your whole hand, it may be larger than average. Therefore, although this measurement method does not give an exact result, it can be said that it has an accuracy to a large degree.

How to Fix a Big Forehead?

Your forehead size is all about genetics. It is not possible to change the size, as no intervention can be made on genetic factors. However, with some hairstyles, you can hide your forehead and make it look smaller. Or you can consider having a hair transplant.

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Best Haircuts for Receding Hairline or Big Forehead

When you have a big forehead, this can negatively affect appearance, make one look old, and can cause similar problems. In such cases, you can make your forehead look smaller or hide its size by using hairstyles. There are different hairstyles that men and women can choose.

For Men 

Men can hide or overcome this problem with the hairstyles they prefer. Details on these hairstyles are given below:

Buzz Cut Hairstyle

The buzz cut for a big forehead is a style that shortens your hair and reveals your forehead. However, since your hair length will be short, this will not attract much attention.

Average Forehead Size

The Caesar cut, which gives effective results to reduce the forehead, is one of the most preferred styles by men. The bangs are cut in such a way that they hang a little from the forehead. Thanks to the bangs, the problem is somewhat hidden.

For Women 

Having a big forehead is not just a men’s problem. Some women also suffer from this problem. However, women’s long hair makes it significantly easier to eliminate this problem. The styles to be preferred are as follows:

Side Swept Bangs 

If the hair in the middle of the face disturbs you, you can try combing it to the sides. With this style where the hair on the face is combed to the sides, you can cover the important part of the relevant area.

Average Forehead Size


Bob with Full Fringe 

This hairstyle will make you look very stylish. You can also highlight your facial beauty with this model, in which you let the front part of your hair fall completely on your forehead.

Average Forehead Size

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Book a Hair Transplantation Appointment

Having a big forehead is one of the situations many people face today. According to some, this situation does not pose a serious problem, while others it may be very annoying. If you worry too much about the question of “Do I have a big forehead?” you can consider hair transplantation as a permanent solution.

Average Forehead Size

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The expert and experienced surgeons of the Cosmeticium clinic will produce the best solution for you, including hair transplantation. So you can have the forehead of your dreams. You can contact us to get detailed information on the subject and to talk to our specialist surgeons.


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