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Do you think your forehead is large? Would you like to make your forehead look smaller if you had the opportunity? If your answer to these questions is “yes”, we have good news for you. With the right hair transplantation, you can permanently make your forehead smaller. All you need is a specialist surgeon expert in his field and a clinic that has a medical competency.

How is forehead reduction done with hair transplantation? Suitable candidates for the operation, recovery process, costs, and all the details are in our article.


Is Small Forehead A New Trend?

Some people’s foreheads may be a little large either by birth or due to the retraction of the hairline experienced in adolescence. Such an image can irritate some people. They look for ways to reduce their foreheads.

In the past, reducing the forehead with hair transplantation was not possible. However, this situation has changed due to the developments in hair transplantation. Now, those who wish can bring their hairlines to the desired level with an operation that takes a few hours and thus makes their foreheads look smaller. Moreover, these procedures are preferred not only by men but also by women. So, the number of people who have had hair transplantation for a smaller forehead has recently increased. This caused a new trend to emerge.


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Suitable Candidates for Forehead Reduction with Hair Transplantation

Forehead reduction with hair transplantation is an extremely effective procedure. However, it should be known that this procedure is not suitable for everyone. Candidates must have certain features for this process. These can be listed as follows:

  • Those with a large forehead
  • Those with a retracted hairline
  • People who want to reduce the forehead area
  • Those that have not had a hair transplantation operation recently
  • Those that have enough donor grafts
  • People that do not have a health problem that prevents anesthesia and hair transplantation
  • Those with scalp elasticity at the desired level

Candidates who meet the above conditions can reduce their forehead with hair transplantation. However, how much it will be reduced is determined by considering the patient’s condition. In other words, the decision of the doctor is as important as the patient’s wish.


How is Forehead Reduction Done?

Forehead reduction is an extremely detailed procedure and requires serious planning. Therefore, it is planned in certain stages. These stages can be expressed as follows:

  • The place where the hairline will be brought and how dense the hair transplantation will be performed are determined and the necessary markings are made with a special pen.
  • Local anesthesia is applied to the area to be transplanted.
  • An appropriate number of grafts are taken from the donor area and these are transferred to the marked areas.
  • At the end of the procedure, a bandage is applied to the donor area against the risk of bleeding, and the procedure is completed.

After these steps, the forehead reduction with hair transplantation procedure will be finished.

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Forehead Reduction with Hair Transplantation Recovery Process

The recovery process of this procedure is similar to normal hair transplantation. First of all, some of the transplanted hair may suddenly fall after the surgery. This is called shock loss and is perfectly normal. So you don’t have to worry. This is a sign that the performed procedure is successful.

Recovery Process

In the first days after forehead reduction surgery with hair transplantation, there may be some swelling in your forehead and scalp. This is normal and will go away by itself over time. You may also have mild pain, which usually does not bother you, but if you are uncomfortable, you can use the medications prescribed by your doctor.

After the shock loss, your hair will start to grow after a few months. However, this is not a definitive result. The best result usually shows itself 8-12 months after the surgery. At the end of this period, your hairline will move a little further and thus your forehead will look smaller.

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Cost of Forehead Reduction Surgery with Hair Transplantation

The cost of forehead reduction operation with hair transplantation generally differs according to the number of grafts transplanted. However, it can be said that it has a more reasonable cost than normal hair transplantation. To talk about a clear cost, it is necessary to know how many grafts will be transplanted to the hairline. Therefore, you can learn the exact amount from your doctor and clinic.

You can also have the forehead reduction by hair transplantation in Turkey at up to 70% reasonable costs. You can contact us by filling out this form to get a price.