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After breast implantation, some patients may have different complaints. Some of these complaints are considered normal and disappear spontaneously over time. However, although rare, some complaints may be more severe. It is extremely important to investigate such complaints in detail and to find effective solutions for them. What complaints can be seen after breast implantation? Which of these is normal and which is dangerous? All the details are in our article.


What is Breast Implant Illness?

Different studies are conducted on the main causes of complaints after breast implantation. When these are examined, it is very difficult to say that the implants are the absolute and only cause of the complaints. However, it is a known fact that such a situation may occur after the operation.

Things to know about breast implants are the symptoms that become permanent like headache, nausea, throbs, skin irritation, and fatigue that occur after the operation, and this is known as breast implant illness. This illness may also manifest itself in some people as joint pain and infection. In short, all symptoms that develop and show continuity after breast implantation are known as breast implant illness.

It should not be thought that anyone who has had breast augmentation surgery will have this illness. Symptoms appear only in a small proportion of the patients. The rest of the patients don’t face any problems.

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Breast Implant Illness Treatment

First of all, the exact causes of the symptoms mentioned here should be investigated. Sometimes, different examinations and tests are performed because there may be different underlying reasons. Medication and similar treatment methods are preferred. However, despite all this, if the symptoms do not disappear and the quality of life of the patients is seriously affected by this situation, surgery may be preferred.

Can Breast Implants Cause Lupus?

If the illness cannot be cured despite all the attempts, removal of the implant may be the only reasonable option. In such a situation, a significant decrease in breast size is inevitable. This decrease is one of the most important concerns of patients. However, the autologous fat enlargement technique can be used for this and the reduced volume can be compensated to some extent. Breast implantation is not a fearful procedure. Many Hollywood celebrities have also done it.

A decrease in volume is not the only reservation for the patients among the complaints after breast implantation. Biofilm, which develops with breast implants and is thought to be the cause of different diseases, is one of the issues that patients are afraid of. Biofilm is thought to be in the capsules formed around the implants and is believed to remain in the capsule after the implant is taken; however, this reservation is unfounded. Because scientific data reveal that biofilms only exist in implants. In other words, they are thrown out of the body together with implants.


Do Complaints After Breast Implantation End With Implant Removal?

complaints after breast implantation

It is very difficult to give an exact answer to this question. However, logically, it can be said that the problems will be solved in this way. Because problems that start after breast implantation are expected to end after the implant is removed.

Surgery ensures that most of the complaints are eliminated. However, sometimes specific situations may develop and complaints may continue for a while. In such cases, the physiological and psychological reasons behind the complaints should be examined. It can be said that an expert surgeon will provide serious advantages in solving such problems.

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Complaints after breast implantation can be caused by many different reasons other than implants. Apart from that, the mild complications mentioned above are a natural part of the process and are temporary. The breast implantation can be applied very professionally today. Removing the implants is not a difficult procedure even in adverse situations.

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