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All patients who want to have the buttocks of their dreams should consider the issue of sitting after bbl. Providing blood flow to the injected fat is one of the most important issues that keep the fat in the treatment area. Therefore, sitting directly on the buttocks after the BBL surgery is not recommended as the fat will be displaced. However, this problem can be overcome with products such as special pillows.

how to sit after bbl

How to sit on a bbl pillow after surgery? How long after bbl can I sit without a pillow? All the details are here.

Why is Sitting After BBL Risky?

Fats taken from other parts of the body for BBL are injected into the buttocks in a certain order. In this way, the hips can be re-shaped. Ensuring blood flow to the injected fat is one of the most important issues at this point, which ensures that the injected fats remain in the application area. Nonetheless, sitting on the buttocks right after the surgery is definitely not recommended as the fats will change their place.

How to Sit After BBL

Sitting on the buttocks right after the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery may cause extremely negative consequences in terms of both shape and lack of blood flow. There may even be loss of injected fat as the shape of the hip is distorted. Due to these reasons mentioned above, it is extremely important that patients do not sit on their hips after surgery and act according to the doctor’s instructions.

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How to Sit After BBL?

Of course, it is a myth that you should avoid sitting for weeks after the BBL. The main thing here is to know how to sit. Sitting directly on your buttocks is indeed forbidden for weeks. It is possible to overcome this problem easily by learning the ideal sitting style. The solution to this is to know well the issue of “how to sit on a bbl pillow”.

how to sit after bbl

How to Sit on BBL Pillow?

BBL pillow will be your major helper in this process. After learning how to sit on a bbl pillow well, you can cautiously go back to your daily routines. As it is your doctor who knows best what stage of the recovery process you are in, do not forget to consult with him before returning to your routines!

In the video below, you will find answers to your important questions such as how to sit after bbl, what are the wrong sitting positions, how to sit on the bbl pillow.

How to Sit in Car after BBL?

First of all, it is important not to travel by car in the first few days. But there may be cases where it is necessary such as traveling in the car back home after surgery. In such situations, you can still sit in the car with the help of a bbl pillow, but there are some conditions!

Those who do not know how to sit in a car after bbl should consider the following guidelines:

  • Try traveling on your side as much as possible.
  • Use a bbl pillow that will cut off the contact of your buttocks with the seat.
  • Limit your travel in the car to a maximum of 1 hour.
  • For journeys that will take more than an hour, try to get out of the car every hour and walk.

* Although these are general guidelines, each patient’s situation is unique. Therefore, do not forget to share every detail about this issue with your doctor.

The same conditions apply for sitting on a plane after bbl. If possible, it would be the best decision to stay and rest for at least 2-3 nights in the city where the operation was performed.

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When Can I Sit Down After BBL?

After the BBL procedure, patients should not sit on their buttocks for at least 2-4 weeks. In this process, it is aimed to keep the area alive by providing blood flow to the fats. Thus, the treated area is also fixed.

When Can I Sit Down After BBL?

Lying and putting pressure on the buttocks is also forbidden after bbl as well as sitting. Patients should use special pillows or similar materials given by their doctors. Thus, they can get through the recovery process more comfortably with a better sitting position.

Those who wonder when they can sit after bbl should know that this is decided by the doctors. Although this period varies according to the patient’s condition and recovery process, sitting 7 weeks after bbl is generally considered appropriate.

how to sit after bbl

How Long After BBL Can I Sit without Pillow?

We mentioned above that the issue of how to sit after bbl changes depending on the situation.

1 – 7 Weeks ApproveSit only with BBL Pillow
After 7 Weeks ApproveSit without Pillow (if your doctor approves)

You should only sit with the support of the bbl pillow for about 7 weeks after the operation. At the end of this period, you can sit without a bbl pillow if your doctor approves.

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