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Fat transfer bbl after 10 years

What Happens to BBL After 10 Years? What to Expect?

Hips have a great importance to get an attractive body. Sometimes diet and exercise are not enough to shape the hips. At these times, Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) comes to the rescue of women and gives them the opportunity to have the hips of their dreams. With this procedure, fuller and desired hip lines can be created. So, what does BBL after 10 years look like? Will it go back to how it was? How permanent are the results? All the answers you are wondering can be found in this article.

Is the BBL Procedure Permanent?

It is perfectly normal for patients to be concerned about whether the BBL results will be permanent and how long the recovery period will be. The results of this procedure differ from person to person. How the healing process goes, how the person’s life style is after the surgery are factors that can affect the results. In general, the permanence of results can change between several years to 10 years. In some cases, the permanence may take much longer.

Approximately 30-40% of the fat cells injected into the buttocks within the scope of BBL are absorbed by the body. The remaining part is permanent for much more than 10 years if the recovery period is passed without any problems. Additional fat cells allow the hips to gain a more wellrounded and shaped appearance.

After the recovery period, the injected fat cells integrate with the relevant area and begin to behave like natural fat cells. In other words, patients should maintain their ideal weight and not gain weight in order to keep results the same after the procedure. BBL results will be more prone to change as patients move away from their ideal weight.

In Which Situations Do BBL Results Maintain Its Effect For Longer Years?

If the BBL procedure is performed by an experienced surgeon and patients follow the instructions well, the results will last for decades. However, permanence differs for each patient. Such a situation arises due to both the patient’s body structure and the factors that affect the BBL results. The details of the factors affecting the results are as follows:

Patient’s Features

Factors such as the patient’s age, general health, weight and skin texture directly affect the result of the procedure. For young patients, the permanence of BBL may be 10 years or more. For middle-aged patients, the permanence of the results will be relatively shorter than the results for the young people.


The permanence of the results after the surgery is closely related to the healing process. Following the instructions given by the doctor, maintaining the ideal weight with a balanced and healthy diet, exercising regularly will increase the permanence. A healthy, stress-free and balanced lifestyle leads to more lasting results for 10 years or more.

Surgeon’s Experience and Expetise

An experienced and expert surgeon injects the right amount of fat into the right spots to create the desired hip shape. The basis of the permanence of the results is this procedure performed by the surgeon. The more successful the procedure is, the longer the permanence of the result will be.

Doctor’s Instructions and Advice

Some instructions and recommendations will be given by your doctor before and after the surgery. Following  these recommendations and instructions, and avoiding the opposite behavior will help you achieve long-lasting results.

Doing Regular Excercise

After the operation, you can regularly do exercises approved by your doctor to maintain your new hip shape. You can learn the exercises that will get the best results from your doctor. By doing these correctly, you can achieve long-lasting results. With regular exercise, you can continue to enjoy the results of BBL after 10 years.

Healthy Diet

Adopting a healthy and balanced diet, starting before the surgery, will positively affect the long-term results. By eating foods rich in fat-free protein, minerals and vitamins, the healing process can be smooth and short. In the opposite case, fat starts to accumulate in the hip area and the results may be adversely affected.

Regular Checkups

After the operation, a series of controls and checkups will be made by your doctor to see how the healing process and results are. Necessary checkups must be made by going to the appointments regularly.

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Change Chart of BBL Results

BBL results might change over time depending on the care and healing process after surgery. The changes experienced in this process and the results vary from person to person. However, the details of the process in question are as follows:

After 1 Week

In the first week after the surgery, you should rest a lot and spend the day with less activities. You should minimize the risk of infection by keeping the injected areas clean. You should use the antibiotics and other medications prescribed by your doctor iaccording to the instructions.

After 1 Month

Avoid sitting on your butt carelessly so as not to put pressure on your hips area. In this way, the injected fat will remain healthy and will integrate with this area without causing any problems. You can check out this article for correct sitting positions after BBL. Also, do not smoke during this period, as nicotine may negatively affect the healing process.

After 2 Months

After the operation, your doctor will ask you to wear a compression clothing for a while. Compression clothing is of great importance in order to settle the fat in the treatment area and shape the relevant area as desired. You may be asked to wear this clothing for different times depending on how big the operation was. Follow your doctor’s instructions for wearing the compression clothing, even if it is uncomfortable. Also, avoid doing too much exercise in the first 2 months.

After 3 - 6 Months

From the 3rd month after the surgery, you can return to your old routines if your doctor approves. BBL will be at its best during this period.

After A Year

This is another period that you can see the best results. In order to maintain these results, you must follow your doctor’s advice and instructions, especially the ones about lifestyle and nutrition. Also, be careful not to ignore routine doctor check-ups.

After 2 Years

You should make follow-up appointments with your doctor during the first 2 years. The results of the checks at the end of 2 years will show how naturally and thoroughly the donor fats are absorbed by your hips. These results are important in that they show what happened to BBL years later.

After 5 Years

After 5 years, you can see the best possible version of the curviness in your lower body. In this process, oil absorption and regeneration will be completed to a large extent. So you will see your most natural state. The proportional and attractive appearance you see will be a motivating factor for you in your diet and exercise for the permanence of the results. If you can manage to maintain your ideal weight, you can enjoy round, tight and full hips for many years.

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Fat Transfer BBL After 10 Years

Since the majority of women have the BBL procedure done at a young age, they have the opportunity to enjoy excellent results for many years. In this process, the body is flexible and healthier. Accordingly, the probability of obtaining long-term results is much higher.

You can expect BBL results after 10 years to be the same. Your curvy and full hips will stay with you as long as you don’t gain too much weight and experience weight changes. You can maximize the permanence of results with a stress-free life, a balanced and healthy diet, and an active life.

BBL is not a solution for loose skin problems. If you experience loose skin problems, you can later solve this problem with an additional operation. If the BBL procedure is performed at older ages, the results will change over time due the natural aging process and compromising hip contour.

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This procedure, which has very effective cosmetic results, must be performed by surgeons who are experts and are experienced in the field. Otherwise, it may not meet expectations and may also cause different health problems.

If you are thinking of getting a BBL, it would be a mistake to choose the first surgeon and clinic that you find. Look carefully for surgeons who are experts in their field and do a detailed research on this subject. Also, you should explain your concerns and expectations in the consultation with the surgeon you have found. Check out the before and after photos of other patients.

If you are a suitable candidate for this procedure, remember that you will need to adopt an active lifestyle and a healthy diet after the operation. The experience and expertise of the surgeon and the healing process will have a major impact on how the results will be and their durability. By following your doctor’s instructions, you can enjoy the results for many years. Thus, if you want to see the continuity of the effect of BBL after 10 years, you can consider the BBL in Turkey.

Plan a Consultation

Although BBL is a simple operation, the procedure should be performed by specialist and experienced surgeons. This is very important to avoid bad results and disappointment. COSMETICIUM, which has great experience and expertise in this field, ensures that hundreds of patients have their dream hips every year. If you want to become one of these lucky candidates, you can contact us now.

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