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BBL is applied to the buttocks area to have a fuller appearance. In this procedure, fat cells are taken from different parts of the body and injected into the buttocks area. Weight fluctuations after the operation are important for the results to be at the desired level and permanent. So, how does gaining weight after BBL affect results? Does weight gain enlarge the buttocks area too? Which areas are affected the most? All are in our article.

What Exactly is Done in the BBL Procedure?

To understand how gaining weight affects the results, first, it is necessary to learn about the BBL procedure. In this procedure, fat is removed from body parts such as the upper and lower abdomen, sides, and back. Fats taken by liposuction are then injected into certain parts of the buttocks to shape and create the desired fullness.

When the stages of the procedure are carefully examined, it will be seen that the operation is performed in 2 different areas. The first is the area where fat is removed by liposuction, and the other is the buttocks area where the injection is made. Gaining weight after BBL may have different effects on the related areas.

Gaining Weight after BBL

There is a direct relationship between the permanence of the results of the operation and gaining weight. To maintain the results, patients need to be careful about weight fluctuations. Gradual and small weight gains usually do not affect the results. Even they do, this is at a negligible level. However, it is not possible to say the same for rapid and large amounts of weight gain. In such cases, the results of the surgery are inevitably affected.

Due to high amounts of weight gain, there may also be enlargement in your buttocks area. This may cause your desired buttock shape to change. Besides, the areas where liposuction is performed can be adversely affected by excessive weight gain. Therefore, you should be careful not to experience weight fluctuations.

Gaining Weight after BBL

Do Buttocks Get Bigger As You Gain Weight?

New vessels are formed in the relevant area over time for the transferred fat cells and these fat cells begin to be fed more easily. This usually causes the buttocks to grow a bit more after BBL. In other words, as you gain weight, the buttocks may grow, and as you lose weight, the buttocks may get smaller. However, this is not due to the death of fat cells. It is completely because of the reduction of their volume.

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Which Part of the Body is More Prone to  Weight Gain after BBL?

The overall focus of the BBL procedure is on plumping and reshaping the buttocks. However, the fats required for this procedure are taken from the upper part of the body (back, sides and abdomen) by liposuction. Thus, there is a decrease in the number of fat cells in the relevant areas.

The storage of the gained weight as fat takes place over the cells. A significant decrease in the number of fat cells in an area will cause the weight to be stored mainly at different points. It can be stated that the parts other than the areas where liposuction is performed are more prone to weight gain after BBL.

Does Weight Gain after BBL Affect Results?

Gradual and small amounts of weight gain or weight loss rarely affect BBL results. This effect is usually negligible. However, serious fluctuations in weight can harm results. Therefore, it is of great importance for patients to focus on maintaining their ideal weight.

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Weight gain after BBL can have an impact on results. It is important to follow the doctor’s instructions. Cosmeticium, which has great experience and expertise in BBL, provides detailed information to its patients for the postoperative period. This supports the results to be permanent.

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