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There are different methods and procedures to be used by those who want to get rid of unwanted stubborn fat and shape their bodies. Liposuction is one of them. Many people prefer this procedure which gives extremely effective results. It is known that especially teens have a serious demand for it. How old do you have to be to get liposuction? Is there an age limit for liposuction? In which situations can this procedure be applied below the minimum age? All are in our article.

Why Shouldn’t Liposuction Be the First Choice for Teens?

A significant part of young people attach great importance to their outlook and use different methods to create their image. Undoubtedly, the most important problem faced by young people in the process of creating their images is weight. Although exercise and diets give effective results, they may not always be the solution. Sometimes, young people can be impatient and prefer faster methods. Liposuction for teens also draws attention as an important alternative.

Many experts state the age of 18 as the age limit for liposuction. However, under certain circumstances, it is stated that this limit (in essential cases) may change.

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Risks of Liposuction for Teens

The liposuction procedure is one of the most effective ways to get rid of unwanted fat and shape the body. However, it should not be forgotten that there are different risks involved. Bruising and swelling in the operation area are the most common situations. Apart from these, side effects such as scarring, infection, dimpling of the skin, and dizziness due to fluid loss may also occur. Although this method is simpler than normal surgical procedures, it may require patients to rest at home for 1-2 weeks.

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Can You Get Liposuction at 16?

The age of liposuction for teens is frequently questioned. Many young people would like to know whether you can have liposuction at the age of 16 or not. However, according to experts the minimum age limit for liposuction is 18. Therefore, teens can’t have this operation as they wish at the age of 16. However, under special circumstances, the minimum age limit for liposuction can be reconsidered by doctors.

What Age Is Best for Liposuction?

Although there is an answer to the question of how old you have to be to get liposuction, there is no such concept as the most appropriate age for liposuction. The general condition of the candidates is the most important data showing whether they are suitable for the relevant procedure. In other words, the health condition of the candidates is more important than the maximum age limit for this procedure.

minimum age for liposuction

Since liposuction is a procedure in the field of aesthetic surgery, there is an age limit for candidates. The minimum age for liposuction is 18, but there is no maximum age limit. The fact that the candidates fully meet the necessary conditions means that it is the right time for them. Now let’s examine these conditions together:

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[vc_toggle title=”Eligible Candidates:” style=”arrow” color=”peacoc” css_animation=”fadeInDown” custom_font_container=”tag:h3|text_align:left|color:%235ed608″ custom_css_animation=”lightSpeedIn” use_custom_heading=”true”]Although this procedure is an aesthetic surgery and is performed as per the wishes of the candidates, the candidates must meet some requirements. So, who is eligible for this procedure?
  • Those over the age of 18
  • Those who cannot get rid of settled fat despite exercise and diet
  • Persons who are not pregnant or have just given birth
  • People who do not have a disease related to the circulatory system
  • Those that do not have the diabetic disease
  • Persons who have undergone medical check
  • Those whose body weight is at the ideal weight, but who have a high fat ratio
  • People without coronary artery disease

One of the most remarkable conditions here is that the candidates are at the ideal weight. Therefore, it should be noted that the liposuction procedure is not a method for losing weight and only aims to shape the body by removing stubborn fat.

In Which Situations Is It Possible To Have Liposuction Under the Age of 18?

Although the minimum age limit in this procedure is stated as 18, this rule can be loosened to solve some important problems. The liposuction method can be applied to fix complications arising from different medical problems.

This method, called revision liposuction, gives effective results in complications resolved by skin tightening or fat grafting. If there is a problem to be solved in this way, the age limit for liposuction can be stretched for young people.

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Although the answer to the question of how old you have to be to get liposuction is 18, we have mentioned that this age limit may change depending on some special circumstances. As a result, the age limit of 18 applies for procedures performed with aesthetic concerns. However, in essential cases due to different medical problems, this procedure can be applied at younger ages with the approval of the doctor. There is no upper age limit for this procedure.

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The main thing here is not the age, but the general condition of the patient and whether he or she meets the necessary conditions for the procedure.

Liposuction is used to remove stubborn fat and to shape the body effectively. Successful surgeons of our Cosmeticium clinic produce special solutions for your situation and ensure that you have the body of your dreams. You can contact us for detailed information on the subject.


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