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If you have decided to have a hair transplantation, there are some important things you should know before making an appointment. Having a good grasp of these issues will make your expectations realistic and increase the success rate of the procedure. In our article, you will find detailed information about the 5 questions you need to ask before you make an appointment for hair transplantation and their answers.


1. Does the Hair Transplant Center Comply with Legal Regulations?

Hair transplantation has become a highly preferred procedure in recent years. This has prompted even people who want to make money but are not competent in this field. In this context, it is difficult to say that some clinics meet the legal requirements. Clinics focusing solely on making money and not interested in the success of the procedure continue to victimize patients. You should stay away from clinics that do not meet the medical requirements and include physicians who are not experts in this field.

If you prefer clinics that do not fully comply with safety and hygiene protocols, the procedure may fail. You may start having different health problems. What’s worse is that you may lose the chance of having your hair transplanted again by losing the grafts in your donor area.

You need to choose the clinic taking into account the points mentioned here. The clinic you choose should be known in this field, provide hygiene conditions, have sufficient medical infrastructure and include physicians who are experts in hair transplantation.

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2. Should I Pay for the Consultation Service?

Consultation before hair transplantation is extremely important for the success of the process. Deciding hair transplantation is not an easy task and there may be many questions in people’s minds. Answering these questions correctly is very important for the accuracy of the decision to be taken. In short, an expert physician should be consulted before hair transplantation. So, is this consultation free?

Clinics have different policies for counseling services. Some clinics charge extra for this job, while others offer this service completely free of charge. You can get this service free of charge from our clinic and find answers to all your questions. Our well-known, knowledgeable and experienced surgeons will answer all your questions. Click here for free consultation.


3. Is the Surgeon Competent to Perform Hair Transplantation Procedures?

When hair transplantation is mentioned, people think that it is a simple process. But this is not exactly the case. Because hair transplantation is a surgical procedure and can sometimes take up to 12 hours. The surgeon must have sufficient knowledge and experience to perform this procedure. Sometimes even these alone are not enough and the surgeon must be able to control his attention and focus. Considering that the same procedure is repeated many times, the surgeon should not lose his attention even for a moment.

It is very important that you choose a surgeon who is certified to perform techniques such as FUT, FUE and DHI applied in hair transplantation in order to meet your expectations fully. If you make a mistake in choosing a surgeon and have your hair transplantation done by an incompetent surgeon; permanent scars may occur on your head. Besides; hair transplantation may fail, you may lose all of your donor grafts, you may experience different health problems due to complications resulting from the hair transplantation.

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4. Are Hair Transplantation Results of Previous Customers Shown in the Clinic?

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that allows people to experience a spectacular change. Before and after these procedures, clinics perform a series of photo shots. They even ask for photos from the people they have transplanted to see the changes. These photos are shown to people who want to have hair transplantation and they provide an inspiration for them. Therefore, you can request these photos from the clinic where you will have hair transplantation and you can see the success of the procedures performed.

First of all, clinics providing quality services in this area will show you the photos where the change is clearly seen even before you request it or share such photos via social media accounts (if allowed by people having hair transplantation). However, if you are demanding them but the clinic falls behind intentionally and does not want to show photos, you should have some doubts in mind. Because only clinics that cannot clearly demonstrate the quality of their works behave in that way.

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5. Which Hair Transplantation Method Will Be Used in Surgery?

Hair transplantation is a process that has been done for many years and is being developed more and more every day to meet the expectations of people more effectively. Therefore, there are different techniques applied.

  • FUT, the oldest technique for hair transplantation, is the method by which grafts are taken from the donor region as strips and transferred to the hairless region. This method, which has been used extensively in the past, has been almost never used since there are conditions such as scarring on the donor area.
  • In the recently developed FUE method, grafts are removed one by one, thus avoiding any obvious scarring. The channels are then opened and the hair follicles are transferred into these channels.
  • DHI is the most advanced technique in hair transplantation and its success rate is very high. Although it takes longer than other methods, the recovery time is shorter than other techniques due to the absence of incision.

Because of the large difference in hair transplantation techniques, it is extremely important which techniques your preferred clinic uses.

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