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Dental veneering is an effective procedure that overcomes simple level functional and appearance problems in teeth. Having better looking teeth ensures comfortable smiles. Therefore, it can be said that dental veneers have considerable effects on human psychology. Having several positive effects, dental veneering procedure has variable amount of cost depending on different aspects.

How much is the average cost of veneers? Which country is better in quality, which one is more affordable? All details you are curious about are in our article.


Average Dental Veneering Costs in The World

When average cost of veneers is considered, it can be seen that it varies a lot depending on the country of application. Factors affecting the cost are the fundamental reasons of this situation. The countries one step ahead in the world regarding dental veneers are as below:


1. Turkey

Turkey Flag

Turkey is one of the countries with advanced health care system. Cost of dental veneers here is 50-70% cheaper than the USA and EU countries. Success rates of clinics, where all requirements of patients are met effectively, are really high. Procedures are applied after before-after comparisons are shared with patients. Average cost of veneers in Turkey varies between 150€ and 300€. One of the best cities for dental veneers is Istanbul.


2. Hungary

Hungary is another country preferred for cosmetic dental procedures. Related costs here vary between 200€ and 400€.


3. United Kingdom


United Kingdom is one of the most expensive countries in this matter. Here, cheapest composite veneers cost around 400€ whereas other veneers cost around 1.200€.


4. The USA

United States

Average cost to be paid in the USA for composite veneers is around 500$. Porcelain veneers, on the other hand, cost around 1.000$.


5. India


India is one of the countries where affordable prices for dental veneers are offered. Average cost of dental veneers in India is around 100-300€.


6. Croatia

Located in Europe, Croatia is one of the alternatives for dental veneers. Costs here vary between 250-600€.


7. Spain


One other suitable option to have dental veneers is Spain.  Although the cost is not much affordable, the reasons for this suitability are being located in Europe and offering suitable infrastructure for tourists. Average cost of dental veneers in Spain is between 300-800€.


8. Poland

Being one of the outstanding countries regarding cosmetic dentistry, Poland offers dental veneering costs varying between 200e and 500€.


It should not be forgotten that the values shared above are average values and depending on different factors, these values may increase or decrease. Additionally, mentioned costs are for each tooth.


Based On Which Factors Does Average Cost of Veneers Change?

As you see, average cost of dental veneers varies around the world depending on different factors. These factors can be related to patient’s overall condition as well as applications during the procedure. General details regarding these are as below:

How Are Porcelain Dental Veneers Performed? (Infographic)


1. Materials Used In Dental Veneers

It wouldn’t be a mistake to say that material is one of the high runners that determine dental veneering cost. When dental veneers are considered, generally two options come to mind. These are:

  • Composite dental veneers
  • Porcelain dental veneers

Composite veneers can be prepared by dentist during patient’s examination and main ingredient is resin. It is difficult to say that these are as durable as porcelain veneers, but from cost perspective, composite veneers are way affordable.

Porcelain veneers are made out of porcelain, as the name suggests. After getting teeth model, this type of veneers is produced in a specialized laboratory. Later, produced veneers are placed onto patient’s teeth. Lifetime can be 15 years or longer. This type of veneers is extremely durable and therefore, related cost is also high.

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2. Dentists

Dental veneering is a procedure applied by expert and experienced dentists. The higher expertise and experience dentists have, the better result can be obtained at the end. It is necessary for the dentist to make necessary briefing before the procedure, adjust your expectations in a realist way and make you feel comfortable. Being able to realize all these and being one step ahead with expertise and experience levels for a dentist mean higher prices.

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3. Number of Tooth To Be Veneered

During consultation phase, all your teeth will be examined and it will be decided by your dentist which ones require dental veneering. Having high number of tooth will also increase average cost of veneers.


4. Anesthesia

For the procedure, local anesthesia is generally applied. However, in case a patient is worried too much, sedative products may be used as well. Such additional applications affect final cost.


5. Location

Country is an effective factor over the final price. When you check the comparison above between countries, you can see that clearly.

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Ways to Decrease Overall Cost of Veneers

Dental veneering can be considered as an expensive procedure in general. In case multiple teeth receive veneers, it can be foreseen that the final cost will be high. At this point, you can decrease the cost considerably with your choices. Yet, you shouldn’t compromise on quality in order to decrease the final cost.

You should definitely consider alternatives abroad for dental veneers. Make a research about countries and make a comparison in between. Also, check services that are offered as a package.


Dental Veneers in Turkey

Average cost of veneers in Turkey is affordable and this procedure is applied with high success rate. On top of that, accommodation and shuttle transfers between the airport/hotel/clinic are also included in the price. With such options, you can decrease the final cost dramatically. With all-inclusive treatment package in Turkey, you get rid of and surprise payment and enjoy your new teeth.

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