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Even though women’s fashion comes to mind when fashion is mentioned, there is also men’s fashion today and it is followed intensively. One of the most important elements of men’s fashion is beard. The beard, which has not been preferred much in the past, is now being popular extensively. Especially bushy beards have an important place in men’s fashion and attract women very much. The fact that men with bushy beards have a more masculine structure is one of the main reasons why they are preferred by women.

The most important reflection of beard fashion is seen in famous people. Beard, preferred by many actors, artists and athletes, has become one of the easiest ways to get a modern and impressive look. This situation makes people with sparse beard or without beards more worried. Beard transplantation has been developed to meet the needs of such people and gives extremely positive results. In order to have bushy beards, you can have beard transplantation and impress the women around you.

How does women’s point of view change after you have had beard transplantation? What is the role of the beard in the popularity of men? Details are in our article…


The Effect of Beard on Human Psychology

The beard unique to men was considered an important sign of masculinity and strength in the past. Even if such considerations have lagged behind today, it is still fair to say that beard is of great importance for men. Therefore, it is known that those who don’t have bushy beard or are completely beardless are negatively affected psychologically.

Since high school years, men boast about their beards and wait them to grow excitedly in this period. In fact, this period is the main reason why those who don’t have lush beards or who are beardless are uncomfortable. The growth of the beard is considered as a sign of growth, men’s psychology at that time begins to affect negatively if they don’t have beard. But the fact that the beard will not grow in the same period in everyone and having friends without a beard like him helps this situation slightly go better. This will help this psychological problem of men stay limited.

BEARD Hair transpant in Turkey

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The Beardlessness Problem in Adulthood

In adulthood, being beardless can cause serious problems. Because the beard has become a very important element to influence the opposite sex. The lack of it may even make the man feel inadequate.

When these situations are taken into consideration, it would not be wrong to say that those who have a sparse beard or are beardless suffer serious loss of self-confidence over time. This loss of self-confidence manifests itself in all areas of life. The situation may even cause a more serious problem than anticipated. In fact, even the quality of life may be reduced by the beard. Therefore, the existing alternatives need to be evaluated to get rid of all these problems. Otherwise, due to the problem caused by this, a serious lack of quality will be seen in different parts of people’s lives.

Beard transplantation is a long-term successful surgical procedure developed and used for a long time to address the aforementioned conditions. With this method, people can get their beards and overcome the problems they have experienced in a very simple way.


Beard Transplantation Procedure

As is known, hair transplantation treatment has been developed for people who do not have hair. In this treatment, hair follicles are taken from the back of the hair and these are transferred to the area without hair. A similar process has been developed for the beard. The only difference is that the hair follicles are transplanted to your facial region as a beard.

beard transplantation

With this process called beard transplantation, people can get rid of the beardlessness and get their beard as well as they can make their beard more lush with beard transplantation. Beard transplantation, which is a treatment that responds to different needs of people, significantly increases the quality of life. Therefore, the interest in beard planting increases every single day.

Although beard transplantation has such advantages, some people are afraid of this process and do not want to have it done. This procedure is completely painless thanks to local anesthesia and gives results in a short time. Thanks to the developing technology, highly successful results are obtained and the expectations of the people are met at the highest level. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that beard transplantation is a very comfortable procedure.

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Benefits of Beard Transplantation

After the operations, your beard will begin growing up in a short time beard. This will cause some positive changes in your life. There are many advantages of beard transplantation. Some of the prominent ones are:

  • You will have a more mature appearance when your beard grows. This will lead to serious changes even in other people’s attitudes and behavior towards you.
  • With beard cultivation, you will have no difficulty in affecting the women around you and benefit from the charm of beard.
  • With your beard, you will be able to change your style and allow yourself a serious regeneration.
  • After the beard planting, you will reach the image you have dreamed of for years.
  • By adjusting your beard model appropriately, you will reflect a more authoritarian look around you. Perhaps it will help you get promoted in your business or make it easier for you to reach your dream goals.

When the above-mentioned items are examined, it can be said that the beard can be used comfortably for many purposes. But one of the most important ones is to renew oneself and make a new beginning. Although beard cultivation is a simple and relatively short procedure, it has a very positive effect. It allows people to wake up to a day when they will cross out the past if they so wish.



Perhaps the most important contribution of having a beard will be your increased power to influence women. Beard has become one of the most important arms of men in influencing women. When different beard models and a matching hairstyle come together, you will attract the attention and admiration of everyone around you. With beard transplantation, you will attract more women and leave past rejections completely in the past.

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