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There are many clinics in different cities around the world for hair transplantation. But it would not be wrong to say that London is a step forward with its different features. London, one of the major cities of England and Europe, is one of the right addresses for people who have lost their hair to get their hair back smoothly. There are many hair transplantation clinics in London, the capital of England, and it would not be wrong to say that they meet people’s expectations in general. It is known that hair transplantation in these clinics follows international quality standards and meets the general expectations.

People get different health services throughout their lives. Hair transplantation should be seen as one of them. Therefore, there are some advantages and disadvantages of having hair transplantation in London. When these are fully known, the question of whether one should have hair transplantation in London will be more easily answered.

Does it make sense to have hair transplantation in London? We have listed the pros and cons of having hair transplantation in London for you.


Advantages of Having Hair Transplantation in London

Before moving on to hair transplantation, it would be more accurate to mention the characteristics of London as a city. London, one of the most developed and modern cities in Europe, and hence the world, fully meets the expectations of people in terms of transport and security. Thanks to the public transportation network and taxis in the city, it is possible to reach the desired destinations without any problem. Harley Street, where hair transplantation is done intensively, is one of the easily reached points. This is the general information about the city. The advantages of having hair transplantation in London can be listed as follows:

  • The fact that the language spoken in London is English ensures that you do not have a language barrier when having hair transplantation. You can easily contact the doctor and the team who will perform the procedure and get detailed information from them. You can also express your wishes, drawbacks and other thoughts without any difficulty. All of this communication is very important for the positive and desired results of hair transplantation.
  • In addition to the easiness of transportation and access to the desired point within London, it is similarly easy to get to this city from different parts of the world. If you want to have hair transplantation in London, you can reach this city from anywhere in England. If you are in one of the foreign countries, you can come directly to London by plane and you will not have any difficulty finding a flight ticket. It should be noted that London has serious advantages in terms of transportation.
  • You can get information from the clinic where you will have hair transplantation and you can get there easily during the day. After having hair transplantation, you can stay in the clinic, then you can move to one of the hotels here. Thus, even if there is an extra fee, you can have your follow-up here after the hair transplantation.
  • The quality of hair transplantation clinics in London is adequate. Thanks to the hair transplantation specialists here, you can have the hair you want.
  • The technological infrastructure of hair transplantation clinics is advanced. This is an important detail in terms of higher success rate.

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Disadvantages of Having Hair Transplantation in London

There are some disadvantages of having hair transplantation in London as well as some advantages. These disadvantages must also be known and the decision to have hair transplantation in London must be made later. The main disadvantages are listed below:

  • It is common to use the name of the famous hair transplantation specialists in London. For example, a well-known expert opens a clinic in different parts of London using his name. This may mean that the hair transplantation you will have will not be performed by that famous expert himself. Because of all this, your chances of selecting an expert with experience in his field are extremely low.
  • London’s central location in hair transplantation leads patients to travel here from different parts of the world. This may make it difficult to make an appointment for the hair transplantation in London on the desired dates. It can be said that there is a serious intensity, especially in well-known clinics.
  • The hair transplantation specialists present here only focus on the procedure and may not be fully interested in the questions you have in mind. In a more straightforward manner, they take a formal attitude, and this may be a little uncomfortable for you.
  • The main disadvantage of having hair transplantation in London is the high costs. The fee to be paid varies between £9,000 and £15,000 depending on the procedure to be performed. It can be said that these figures are generally extremely high. In addition, the amount to be paid for transportation, accommodation and similar needs is also very high. Because London is generally considered expensive as a city.
  • The high cost of hair transplantation in London causes clinics to extend payments to a certain period. This means that hair transplantation is also prolonged. Therefore, hair transplantation may be performed much later than your planned date.

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Hair Transplant Comparison Infographic (Turkey vs. England)



The disadvantages of having hair transplantation in London are generally as explained above. It would not be wrong to say that the most important issue here is the cost. Sterling is one of the major currencies in the world. When these figures are taken into consideration together with exchange rates, it is possible to say that the resulting cost will be much higher.

The high cost of having hair transplantation in London can make people seek different alternatives. Exactly at this point, evaluating Turkey, one of the leading countries in the industry, as an option will be a correct step to take. Despite the high cost in England, the average cost of hair transplantation in Turkey is between 2,000 to 3,000 euros. Moreover, below services are also included in the prices of hair transplantation in Turkey: airport pick-up, accommodation in a 5-star hotel, breakfast and operations such as removing the bandage, washing, care which will be held at the clinic after transplantation.

Although it is thought to be at a lower level than England, Turkey is one of the few good countries in the world in the field of hair transplantation. Moreover, the costs here are much lower than in the UK. Thanks to advanced technologies and experienced, well-trained hair transplantation specialists. It can be said that Turkey is the best alternative to meet and exceed your expectations.

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