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Rhinoplasty is the operation that re-shape the nose which is distorted because of different reasons such as accidents. Aesthetic treatment can also be done on disliked noses. Sometimes operations such as shrinking and lifting can be done to the nose. Rhinoplasty is an extremely sensitive procedure. The nose is quite important for the appearance of our face. Therefore, a small mistake during the aesthetic procedure may cause irreversible negative results. Keeping all these in mind, the Rhinoplasty needs to be done in the right country, by the expert doctors.

In our article, you can read about the prominent countries for Rhinoplasty and the details regarding them. You can choose the most suitable country for yourself by examining this list.


5) U.S.A

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The USA is among the prominent countries in nose aesthetics, as in many other fields. Young people living in this country are extremely interested in this procedure. Rhinoplasty comprises nearly half of the aesthetic procedures which are preferred by young people.

In the USA, Rhinoplasty is carried out by specialist physicians in clinics with accreditation. The average amount to be paid for this operation ranges from 4,500 $ to 11,000$. In some cases, this amount may go up to 18,000$.

The high price and the high demand in the country is a disadvantage for patients who want to come from different countries. Due to particularly high demand, it may be necessary to wait for a long time in order to have Rhinoplasty.



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Japan is a country known as conservative. Due to this feature, people in Japan didn’t lean towards Rhinoplasty for a long time. However, this understanding has changed and a cosmetic explosion has occurred in recent years.

The average amount to be paid for Rhinoplasty in Japan ranges from 6,000$ to 13,000$. This figure may increase slightly depending on the complexity of the procedure. It would not be right to say that Japan accepts too many patients from abroad due to the high demand in the country. However, you can have Rhinoplasty in Japan within some programs.

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When it comes to cosmetic procedures, Brazil is one of the countries that come to mind. People living in the country have a great interest in cosmetic surgery so much so that even programs providing free plastic surgery are available for those living in poor areas. All these ensure successful implementation of the Rhinoplasty operations in Brazil.

The cost of having Rhinoplasty in Brazil varies between 6,000$ and 13,000$. This amount includes only the surgical procedure. Extra charges may be requested for accommodation and other medical procedures.



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India is one of the prominent countries in cosmetic surgery procedures. Numerous patients from abroad also come to this country where Rhinoplasty is carried out successfully. It attracts attention as a country preferred by young and middle-aged people.

The amount to be paid in India for Rhinoplasty varies between 3,000$ and 7,000$. Depending on the complexity of the procedure, this amount that may increase a little more. Despite its reasonable price, the success level of the transactions is slightly above the medium level.

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Turkey is one of the prominent countries when it comes to cosmetic procedures. It is known that not only Rhinoplasty but also other aesthetic procedures are carried out successfully in Turkey. Every year, tens of thousands of patients come to Turkey in order to have these operations. This situation causes the government to support health tourism. Thus, health services are developing more and more each day.

Turkey has the most JCI certified clinics just after the United States. This situation is extremely important as it shows the quality of the clinics in the country. When you want to have Rhinoplasty in Turkey it will be enough to pay between 2,200$ and 7,000$. In addition, this fee includes accommodation, transportation and all medical procedures. When all these are considered as a whole, it can be said that Turkey is the place where you can have high quality health service at the most affordable price.

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