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Man boobs is an expression that is used to define boobs larger than normal. This situation may cause some problems, visual problems are listed first. There are different treatments in order to overcome visual problems and other health problems. You can have normal size boobs and get rid of some other health issues. Then, what are the best ways to lose man boobs? Are these solutions permanent? Answers to all these questions are in our article.


What Is “Man Boobs”?

When you hear the phrase “man boobs”, you may feel surprised. Yes, men also have boobs. But, due to testosterone secreted during puberty, man boobs don’t develop and grow. Woman boobs, on the other hand, develop and grow due to secreted estrogen. As a result, considerable level of size and visual difference occurs between man boobs and woman boobs

 “Man boobs” may be defined when, due to different reasons behind, a man have larger boobs than they should be. In general, abnormalities in estrogen and testosterone levels cause this problem, which is also known as gynecomastia. Depending on such abnormalities, man boobs can grow like a woman’s until some point. However, not all man boobs cases can be defined as gynecomastia. Another cause of this situation is increased fat amount around boob region and accordingly, boobs look larger.

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Eat Low-Calorie

We mentioned that one of the possible reasons behind is increased fat tissue. In order to get rid of this fat content, you need to start taking less calories. When you apply a healthy and less calorie diet, you will see in time that your body’s fat content will be less. Based on your weight, fat amount will decrease in all parts of your body. Chest region is also one of these parts. This way, you can get rid of man boobs and obtain a normal look.

In order to take less calorie, you can apply a special diet. Additionally, you have to pay attention to snacks that you consume during a day. Although you are not fully aware of the situation most of the time, small snacks cause high calorie intake. In order not to experience such a problem, here are snacks with less than 100 calories:

  • Oat meal with fresh fruits
  • Quark cheese and pineapple
  • Fresh fruits
  • Boiled egg
  • Mashed chick peas and raw vegetables
  • Yoghurt and bilberry
  • Pop corn
  • Vegetable soup
  • cucumber slices
  • One-bite salmon
  • Almond
  • Vegetable with green leaves
  • Sunflower seed

Snacks mentioned above have generally low-calorie. Yet, it will not be a correct action to consume excessively since these are low-calorie. So, when you pay attention to consume above mentioned snacks in a balanced and aware way, don’t forget that you will see man boobs go away.

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Make Local Exercises To Get Rid Of Man Boobs

In order to get rid of man boobs effectively, you also need to make regular exercises. At this point, preferring exercises that trains chest muscles and making this a regular activity are important. It may not be as easy as you think to burn fat content from fat region. Yet, with diet and exercising, you can get rid of this fat content and excess tissue around your chest.

There are different types of exercises that train muscles in chest region in order to get rid of man boobs. But, it is a known fact that some of them provide better results. We gathered the most effective exercises together for you, as below:

  • Normal push up
  • Wide hand push up
  • Arrow pus up
  • Clapping push up
  • Gorilla push up
  • Arms crossed push up
  • Inclined push up
  • Dumbbell rise
  • Inclined dumbbell rise
  • Inclined chest press
  • Chest butterfly
  • Wall ball
  • Cable back fly
  • Dips

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The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Men Boobs: Gynecomastia Procedure

Diet and exercise that you will apply to get rid of man boobs may not always provide positive results. Don’t forget that there may be other reasons behind. If you can’t obtain desired result with diet and exercising, don’t worry. You can get rid of the visual problem around your boobs fast with gynecomastia procedure.

During gynecomastia, besides making boobs smaller, areolas are also repositioned. The procedure takes 1-3 hours in general and recovery time is around 2-3 weeks. Don’t forget that, in order to see the final result, you must be patient. Success rate of this procedure, which is performed under general anesthesia, is higher than 95%.

Gynecomastia Surgery Steps

This procedure that is offered at our Cosmeticium clinic generally consists of removal of excess fat and tissue in chest region. With our surgeons who have high level of experience and expertise in this field, you will have the chest you desire. If you want to get rid of man boobs with gynecomastia procedure, you can contact us in order to find answers to the questions in your mind.