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Beauty sense changes and renews every day in today’s world. People can have many different aesthetic procedures for any area about which they are not satisfied. When it comes to aesthetic operations, although women are the first who come to mind, the number of men who prefer aesthetic surgery is quite high. Here is one of them, Dane Cook…


Who is Dane Cook?

Dane Cook is an American stand-up comedian and at the same time an actor. He expanded his fan base in a short time with correct and effective use of social media. But Dane Cook came to the fore with his aesthetic operations on his face as well as his comedian personality and acting.

Dane is currently accepted as one of the most attractive actors in Hollywood because he has beautifully shaped gray hair and youthful skin.


Did Dane Cook Have a Plastic Surgery?

Wrinkles which occur by aging cause problems for everyone. But this situation becomes even more of a problem when the subject is a famous actor who has everyone’s constant attention.  They may prefer to go under the knife in order to decelerate, stop or delay the aging process. Dane Cook is one of them. The famous actor probably wanted to stop aging as well and went for a change on his face with a few plastic surgeries.

Why did Dane Cook plastic surgery rumors come out? Although the famous name is 46 years old, there is no wrinkles on his forehead and around his eyes, his nose is more pointed compared to the previous one and the change in his chin and all these can be the evidences. Although he says that the change in his face is not a result of aesthetic but the result of a natural and healthy life, there are visible signs on his face that he had surgery.


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Dane Cook (@danecook)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

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The Opinion of An Expert

According to plastic surgeons, the nostrils of the famous comedian have shrunk, the width of his nose has narrowed and more pointed appearance has been given to his nose.

It is claimed that Dane Cook may have had botox injections for his forehead and wrinkles around his eyes. In this way, his eyebrows looked lower and his face gained a much younger and healthier appearance.

Botox process is carried out by injecting an exotoxin obtained from a bacteria which is called Clostridium Botulinum under laboratory conditions to the required area in order to eliminate the wrinkles and lines on a person’s face.

It is thought that the famous comedian had rhinoplasty on his nose. Rhinoplasty is a change in cartilage and bone structures of a person’s nose in order to eliminate any deformation caused by a person’s own natural nose shape or any accidental deformation.


What Plastic Surgeons Say About Dane Cook?

Dr. Andrew Miller said, “… you can see how his eyebrows look lower. This happens with natural aging, but it looks like he had botox on his forehead. Because, the middle part of his eyebrow is lower than the outer part. If he had simply aged, the entire eyebrow would come together.

The statement of Dr. Adam Hamawy on this subject is as follows: “I think Dane Cook had plastic surgery. He uses botox or brotox as we call it to help eyebrows lift and prevent wrinkles on his forehead. But this is the thing that makes the middle part of his eyebrow looks like heavy. He also looks like he had rhinoplasty to narrow the width of his nose.

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Dane Cook’s Answer to What Was Said About Plastic Surgery

Dane Cook did not accept the claims which were made against him about plastic surgery and said, “There is nothing unnatural on my face.” He said that he gained his healthy appearance by staying away from bad habits, drinking plenty of water and with a proper skin care.

Although aesthetic operations are criticized nowadays, there are many people who love and prefer them. They are frequently preferred by people who are not satisfied with the appearance of any part of their face or body. Why you do not have it if it will make you happier and if you have the opportunity?

Briefly, this is the adventure of Dane Cook’s plastic surgery. It has great importance that plastic surgery will be done by which doctor and where. Because it may cause very bad results when it is done by a non-expert. If you have areas that you are not satisfied with and want to change, you can contact our clinic and contact our expert estheticians.