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An American singer and actor, Kenny Rogers highly surprised his fans with his appearance after the facelift procedure. This procedure enables the patients to have a better appearance. Nonetheless, he could not get that result after the procedure, on the contrary, his appearance has significantly deteriorated. So, why did Kenny Rogers get a facelift? What went wrong with the procedure? In our article, you can find all the details and what you are curious about.


Kenny Rogers’ Career

Kenny Rogers was born in 1938 and he has been in the world of music since his 20s. He received many awards, especially Grammy during this period. Some of the awards he received other than Grammy are Country Music Association, Academy of Country Music, American Music and CMT Music. The artist, who released 65 albums during his art life, is in the 8th place on the bestseller list. His albums have been very successful and sold more than 100 million copies so far.


Why Did Kenny Rogers Get a Facelift?

Kenny Rogers explained in detail why he had facelift in his interviews. He said that he gives great importance to his appearance from an early age and wants to be noticed especially by women. This desire has motivated him to make some changes in his appearance over time.


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Kenny Rogers took advice from his doctor about the facelift and decided to have the operation. However, when we look at the explanations he made about the result, it can be said that he was generally “regretful”. After expressing his regret, he couldn’t stop asking “How would I look if I hadn’t had a facelift?”


What Was Wrong After Kenny Rogers’ Facelift Procedure?

Kenny Rogers has undergone many plastic surgeries throughout his life. With these surgeries, he aimed to erase the effects of aging and have a better appearance. However, this operation in 2006 turned out to be a complete disappointment for him. When the photographs of Kenny Rogers before and after the facelift were examined, there was no positive change in his appearance, on the contrary, the result was negative. It is still debated whether the reason for this situation is the unrealistic goals of the famous singer or the fault of the surgeon who performed the operation.

When the situation after the procedure is examined, it can be said that the famous singer has an image that looks surprised and stretched. The reason is that the surgeon raised the famous name’s eyebrows to an unnatural height during the operation. He also got too much skin around the eyes. In doing so, he raised the corners of the eyes higher than they should have been. All this completely eliminated the charm and appearance of Kenny Rogers’ masculine eyes. An expert surgeon in the field could have managed this procedure much more successfully.

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How Could Kenny Rogers’ Facelift Procedure Be More Successful?

Men’s facial features have their own lines and nuances. Men’s eyebrows are lower and less curved than women’s. Due to the lower eyebrow position, the space between the eyelid and the eyebrow is more crowded. If these are not taken into account while performing a facelift, the result is unlikely to meet expectations. A surgeon, who is an expert and experienced in his field, pretty knows these simple issues mentioned here. He knows more than enough about how to do the operation. Unfortunately, it is not possible to say this for the surgeon who performed the Kenny Rogers facelift procedure.

Serious expertise and experience are required in the surgeries involving multiple procedures such as those experienced by Kenny Rogers. These types of surgeries must be performed very precisely. Because how a change will affect the general structure of the face and other operations performed should be calculated in detail. So, taking all these into consideration, how should the facelift procedure preferred by Kenny Rogers be done?


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How Should the Operation Have Been Performed?

First of all, Kenny Rogers’s eyebrow should have been lifted to the appropriate point with a more sensitive, lighter and natural lateral angle. With this procedure, the problem of excess skin around the eyes could have been completely eliminated. Thus, the need for an extra eyelid surgery would not have arisen.

During the procedures, the natural masculine appearance should have been preserved for the eyes and eyebrows. For this, it is extremely important to leave the eye corners at the right point, at the right angle.

These are the details of why the Kenny Rogers facelift procedure has a negative outcome and how it could have ended up much better. For the success of the procedure, it is extremely important to plan in detail before performing an aesthetic procedure. Remember that it is very important to choose the right, professional and experienced surgeon for this.

If you do not want to encounter bad surprises just as Kenny Rogers experienced, schedule a consultation with our specialist physicians who have performed thousands of successful operations.