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Breast augmentation is one of the most preferred cosmetic procedures today. This procedure has some varieties. 800cc implants are among these varieties. It has been developed for people who want to have slightly bigger breasts than normal in size. Then, how big are 800cc implants? Will they eventually sag? How long is the incision? All answers are in our article.

800cc implants

Will 800cc Implants Eventually Sag?

While making a selection for breast implants, final display is not the only thing to consider. Of course, patients’ expectations have high importance, but in order to obtain the perfect result, there are other things to be considered as well. Some of them are breast wall, skin elasticity, breast tissue and fat content. If these are not considered before 800cc implants are applied, there may be seen some sagging in time. Moreover, other than this, neck and back pain may develop.

In breast augmentation procedures, some factors like implant profile, implant size, technique to place the implant have high importance. After these are considered, potential sagging levels of candidates are evaluated and the most suitable implant amount is determined. This way, sagging possibility is minimized.


Are 800cc Implants Too Large?

It can be said that these implants are big. Yet, at this point, existing breast sizes of candidates have also importance. If a candidate has sufficient space and limits, it wouldn’t be right to consider 800cc implants as “too big”. However, it can be stated that for candidates with small breasts, it is “too big”. When considered in general, it wouldn’t be a mistake that for many patients, 800cc implants are big.

800cc big implants

In order to comment about the size of 800cc implants, candidates must be examined by a doctor. The evaluation after this examination will guide patients further.

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How Long Is Incision for 800cc Implants?

In 800cc implants procedure, location of the incision can be below breast curve or areola. At this point, decision maker is your expert surgeon. Depending on patient’s situation, incision is made on one of these regions. Length of this incision will be around 2-2.5 inches.

Some experts suggest pariareolar incision. Any incision applied in this region will not be visible from outside after recovery. Although scar remains, since it will be at the point where breast skin meets nipple, it is not visible from outside. Additionally, it should not be forgotten that this region will be under bikini, bra and other similar clothing. Therefore, in order for that to be realized, you should be fully naked and your breast should be looked at closely – not a case during a person’s daily life.

Female Breast Augmentation with 800cc Implants


Are 800cc Implants Only Placed Under Muscle?

In fact, there is no rule or obligation to place these implants only under muscle tissue. At this point, the surgeon performing 800cc implants procedure can decide after evaluating patient’s situation. However, it should be stated that generally, sub-muscle placement is preferred.

When 800cc implants are placed under muscle tissue, more natural look is obtained. Additionally, in sub-muscle implementation, possibilities of sagging and capsular contracture are minimized. When such advantages are evaluated, sub-muscle implementation is preferred in general. But, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the decision is taken by the surgeon who will perform the procedure.

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Can The Same Roundness Be Provided with 800cc Implants?

When 800cc implants are applied for a suitable candidate, they generally tend to be round. At this point, natural shapes of patient’s own breasts are also important. For patients with pointy breasts, the result will similarly look pointy.

It is not easy to predict breast shape before the procedure. However, with technological developments today, it is possible to predict the final look of breasts after such a procedure. With computer-aided scanning systems and experience of the surgeon in this field, final result is pretty much predicted. Yet, if it is necessary to re-emphasize, in order to learn how much the roundness value will be, doctor consultation is a must.

Doctor 800cc Implants


Does Water In Saline Implants Evaporate?

No. For saline implants, such a situation is not a matter of discussion. However, in time, very low amount of leak may occur but human body can handle it in a natural way. After any procedure performed by a surgeon expertized in his/her field, such problems are very rare.

800cc implants

Having big and attractive breasts may be many people’s dream. 800cc implants are able to offer this. Yet, it is not possible to say that this method is suitable for everyone. Ensuring perfect results for suitable candidates, this procedure can also create disappointments in case it is applied to unsuited patients. If you want to have breast augmentation, you can contact our Cosmeticium clinic, where a lot of patients are welcomed every year. You can take the right decision with our free consultation service online.