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Dental health is extremely important not only for adults but also for children. When dental care is not paid enough attention in childhood, it will be inevitable to result in more serious problems in adulthood. There are different treatment options for dental problems experienced by children. Dental crowns are one of them. So, are dental crowns necessary for children? Why and in what situations may this be needed? Let’s look for the answer to this question together.


What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are one of the preferred methods in the treatment of dental problems that cannot be eliminated with filling. Dental crowns can be expressed as caps that completely cover the tooth. They may be used variously according to the patients’ conditions. However, it would not be wrong to say that it is generally used for the following purposes:

  • Elimination of tooth fractures or tooth damage due to different reasons
  • Filling of large gaps caused by tooth decay (Normally, filling is used for such problems, but dental crowns are preferred if the gap is excessive.)

Supporting the bridge created at the point of completion of a missing tooth

* Dental crowns give the most perfect result for these and similar purposes listed above.


Why Are Dental Crowns Necessary for Kids?

As it is known, children’s first teeth, which are called milk teeth, are temporary. Many families may find it pointless when they are offered this method to treat primary teeth problems. For children, it may make more sense to completely remove temporary milk teeth instead of dental crowns. But why do dentists prefer crowns rather than pulling the teeth?

Dental Crowns for Children

Although milk teeth fall out in later ages, they fulfill important tasks until they fall out. These tasks are not just about breaking down food in the mouth. They also prepare a place for the teeth that will come after them. If they are pulled out prematurely and fall out due to decay, it may not be possible for the permanent teeth to come out correctly. In addition, different dental problems may come out depending on the development of the jawbone. The occurrence of such problems may mean that you will need more expensive dental treatments in the future. For this reason, we can say that dental crowns for children are a really necessary application.

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How Many Types of Dental Crowns Are Available for Kids?

You will see crowns with different features when dental crowns treatment is used for children. Each of them has different advantages. You can choose the most appropriate one taking your child’s situation into account. The types of dental crowns and their general characteristics are as follows:

Composite Strip Crowns or Resin Crowns

It can be stated that they are one of the options that give the most aesthetic result when prepared correctly by the dentist. Preparation requires serious expertise and experience. It should also be remembered that more time will be needed if this option is chosen as dental crowns for kids. If your child is unwilling to cooperate, general anesthesia sedation can be used.

Composite crowns are produced from white filling material. It is in perfect harmony with the natural color of the tooth. On the other hand, there is a possibility of discoloration and absorption of stains. In addition, they are less durable and weak when they are compared to steel crowns.

How Many Types of Dental Crowns for Children?

Stainless Steel Crowns

Stainless steel crowns stand out as the most preferred type of crown. Strong and durable, this crown has a color reminiscent of silver. It can be said that stainless steel crowns are great choices if you and your child don’t have aesthetic concerns. Make sure that your child is not allergic to metal before choosing this product. Note that it may rarely cause irritation other than allergies.

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Sprig Zirconia Crowns

These crowns, which are in harmony with the natural color of the teeth, are made of ceramic. They were used only for adults until recently. However, they are now among the dental crowns options for children.

These crowns made of zirconium look extremely aesthetic from the front and inside the mouth. Since they are polished with some natural color, they have a shiny, smooth and stain proof structure. These extremely strong crowns meet expectations in every sense.

Stainless Steel Crowns With White Facings

It will be inevitable to consider aesthetic concerns if dental crowns for children are to be used on the front teeth. At this point, white faced stainless steel crowns may be preferred. As the name suggests, this product, made of stainless steel, has a plastic cover on the front face that is compatible with the tooth color. Thus, it is not noticed from the outside. However, it should not be forgotten that the plastic white coating on the front face may break over time.


Recommendations for Preventing Children from Needing Dental Crowns

Dental crowns for kids are great treatment tools. It is a fact that it is more important to never need them. There are some simple things you should pay attention to in order to prevent your children from needing dental crowns. Thanks to these, you can protect your children’s dental health. These issues are generally as follows:

Dental Health for Kids

Regular Dental Cleaning and Care

Give your children a habit of brushing and flossing regularly. You should ensure that they take care not only of their front teeth, but also the ones in the back. Otherwise, your child may brush his/her front teeth and neglect the teeth in the back. In such cases, it will be inevitable for the posterior teeth to be unhealthy.

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Use of Teeth Protectors

There may be situations where your child needs to wear a protective mouth guard depending on the sports he or she plays or the activities he or she participates in. Have him/her wear special athletic protectors, especially in situations where there is a high risk of impact.


Regular Dental Check-up

Tooth decay or other dental problems may not be apparent from the outside at first. You can easily prevent caries and other dental problems by taking your child to dental check-ups regularly.

You can protect your child’s dental health by considering these recommendations. Parents who need dental crowns treatment for children can get more detailed information by contacting the specialist physicians in our clinic.