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Having a beautiful smile is everyone’s dream. However, it is known that smiling sometimes is not as desired due to the dental structure and sometimes for a different reason. Promising a perfect smile, Hollywood Smile is one of the cosmetic procedures that have recently attracted people’s attention. In the rest of our article, you can find answers to the questions of what Hollywood Smile is and how it is applied.


What is Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile can be expressed as a procedure applied to make a smile perfect. The intervention here is made on the teeth and gums. An arrangement is made on the whiteness of the teeth and the spaces between them. Also, gums are within the scope of this procedure. At the end of the procedures, the tooth structure and color are perfected. So smiles become much more beautiful.

Dental defects are eliminated with veneers. Dental veneers completely cover the tooth and make both its color and structure as desired. It is also effective in solving some functional problems in teeth.

With the Hollywood Smile procedure, you will not only have the perfect smile. The effect of the procedure reflects positively on your self-esteem and self-confidence. In short, it affects many areas of your life. It contributes to the quality of your social life. So you can have a happier life.

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Dental Veneer Options

Dental Veneering is the basis of the Hollywood Smile. As is known, there are different options to be used as a veneer. There are some differences between their general features. These veneers, which differ in quality and cost, and information about them, are listed below.


Lumineers stand out with their fine structures. To apply dental veneers, the part outside of the existing teeth should be slightly rasped. However, as the veneers here are too thin, such a requirement is eliminated. It can be expressed as a solution developed for those who do not want to have their teeth rasped. These veneers are translucent. It can also be said that they are a little weaker compared to porcelain veneers.

Composite Resin Veneers

They are made of the same material as dental fillings and therefore their application is extremely simple. However, it is a bit difficult for them to take the desired shape and color. They have a structure that resembles plastic.

Porcelain Veneers

They are the most preferred veneers for Hollywood Smile. It ensures the teeth to shine, to be strong, and to take the desired shape. For porcelain veneers with a thick structure, a part of the tooth should be rasped. This process is done as much as the thickness of the veneer. Thus, the result at the end of the procedure is no different from a natural tooth appearance.

Tooth veneering options are generally like this. There are also some points to know about these options. The veneer options here can fix the misalignment, the deficiencies of color, and the structure of the teeth. Besides, the results in all veneering create a natural appearance. However, it should not be forgotten that the differences between the qualities of the veneers should be taken into account. For example, composite coatings might not fully meet expectations regarding color matching and stains. These are cheaper than porcelain and lumineers veneers.

How Are Porcelain Dental Veneers Performed? (Infographic)


How Much Does Hollywood Smile Cost?

It is very difficult to mention a clear figure for the Hollywood Smile procedure cost. Costs differ depending on the type of veneers used. Besides, the dental structure of each patient is different and this may require extra procedures. Such situations can also cause costs to change. Considering all this, it can be said that the cost of the Hollywood Smile procedure is in the range of $1.000 – $3.000 on average.

It should not be forgotten that the amounts here will vary according to the clinic where the procedure will be performed, the city where the clinic is located, and similar details. For example, the figures in a clinic located in a popular part of a big city and a clinic in a more quiet area will not be similar.

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How is Hollywood Smile Performed?

This procedure consists of several stages. The first stage, as you can imagine, is the consultation. In the consultation, your teeth are examined and your expectations are learned. Treatment planning for problems in your teeth and jaw structure is made. The reason is that your teeth must be completely healthy before veneers.

  • If your teeth are healthy, molds are created for veneers. For this, you will be asked to bite a substance used to make the mold.
  • After the measurements are taken, orders are sent to the relevant laboratory to make the molds.
  • Before the molds arrive, your teeth are prepared for the process. For this, the front faces of your teeth are rasped as much as the thickness of the veneers.
  • When the veneers arrive, they are attached with a special adhesive, and the necessary checks are made and the process is completed.

For dental veneers to create Hollywood Smile for a long time, you need to take care of them. Avoid hard foods and brush your teeth regularly. Thus, you will preserve the whiteness and structure of the veneers.

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