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You can have any size of breasts as you wish with breast augmentation surgery. But, do you wonder when will you be able to swim again after the surgery? You can be a part of all summer activities just after a short break. At this point, you should also know that there are some special cases. Can I wear bikini after the surgery? Should I be protected from the sun? All guidelines about swimming after breast augmentation will be in our article.


Swimming After Breast Augmentation

You should wait at least 4-6 weeks to swim after breast augmentation surgery. The important point here is to complete recovery period. Normally, pool or sea water doesn’t pose any danger. However, if incisions don’t recover completely, it is almost inevitable to develop an infection due to infective matters in the water. So, in that case, infection risk is increased dramatically.

Swimming before complete recovery occurs after breast augmentation surgery includes different risks. Swimming is a sport that works chest muscles effectively. Working that area before incisions fully recover is a serious risk. Therefore, you need to wait some more time so that the incisions created during the surgery fully recover. After this period, you can swim with peace in mind provided that you talk with your doctor before.

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Does Wearing Bikini After Breast Augmentation Creates Any Additional Risk?

After breast augmentation surgery, an uplift bra should be used for 6-8 weeks. Using a normal bra instead will be a serious risk for the success of surgery. For bikinis, no such support is available. Thus, wearing bikini during recovery period is not suitable. Additionally, wearing bikini may give cause for irritation around your incision scars.

Should I Be Protected From Sunlight After Breast Augmentation?


When Can I Wear Bikini?

Results do not occur at once after breast augmentation surgery. For the certain results of the surgery, a few months should pass. During this time, it would be better not to wear bikini. In general, it would be enough to wait for a few months after recovery time is completed. After this time, you can wear bikini providing that you get your doctor’s approval. If your doctor doesn’t approve, don’t forget that you should act according to your doctor’s directions.

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Should I Be Protected From Sunlight After Breast Augmentation?

Since scars would be new after your breast augmentation, they would be more sensitive against sunlight. Being exposed to direct sunlight is not suggested by doctors. So, wearing bikini right after surgery would not be suitable. Because, with bikini, your scars may be exposed to direct sunlight and this may pose serious risks. Instead, you should prefer wearing swimwear or more comfortable swimming clothes for some time.

Incisions created during breast augmentation will still be sensitive against sunlight for some time after they recovered. This time is sometimes one year and sometimes even more. Hence, you should take care of these areas by using an effective sunscreen for some time. At this point, the best advice will probably be given by your doctor who performed the surgery.

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