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The tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, ensures that the abdominal area is smooth and stretched. It is quite comprehensive surgery and meets the expectations to a great extent. However, patients should be careful and avoid strenuous exercises for a while in the postoperative period. Well, can I exercise after the tummy tuck? When and which type of exercise is better to do? All the details are in our article.


What is Tummy Tuck Surgery?

The tummy tuck procedure, as the name suggests, is a special procedure for stretching the abdomen. Here, some fat and excess skin are removed from the abdominal area. Then, the muscles under the skin are stretched and the incisions are closed and the procedure is completed. At the end of this procedure, the patients have a smooth and even abdominal structure.

Although fat removal is involved in the tummy tuck procedure, it should be kept in mind that this procedure is not a weight-loss procedure. As a result of pregnancy and rapid weight loss, there may be sagging of the skin in the abdominal area. The rapid change prevents the skin here from tightening. This skin accumulated in the lower middle region of the abdomen can cause a very bad appearance. With the tummy tuck procedure, it is aimed to remove the excess skin here and to give the abdomen a smooth structure.

Abdominoplasty Procedure Steps Infographic

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Recovery Process

This procedure, as stated above, is extremely comprehensive. It is performed under general anesthesia by a specialist surgeon in a clinic accredited in this field. After the Tummy tuck, patients stay in the hospital for 1-2 days depending on their general condition. In this process, patients are followed up and kept under control for unexpected situations.

General information is given to the patients before they return home. Possible side effects and complications are mentioned and the conditions for which they should call the doctor are conveyed. Patients returning home wear a special compression garment and they must not tire themselves or lift heavy for 3-6 weeks.

Patients who survive the first 1-2 weeks without any problems can return to office work. However, the only requirement here is that the job should be light. So if you have a tiring and heavy job, you should act according to the doctor’s advice to start.


Post-Tummy Tuck Exercises

Which exercise is the best after tummy tuck? The first days after surgery may be a bit difficult for the patients. However, it is very important to ensure blood flow during this period. When patients regain their strength, they should take small walks at home. They should be very careful not to tire themselves with these walks.

Patients who feel better at the end of the first week may increase the amount of walking. At the end of the second week, patients can start light exercises. However, exercises that affect the abdominal muscles should be avoided.

After 6 weeks after the surgery, patients can return to their normal lives and normal exercise routines. However, it should not be forgotten that the doctor’s instructions should be followed here. Some patients may have a slower recovery process, and such patients need a little more patience to start exercising.

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