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The procedure known as nasal aesthetics or rhinoplasty involves reshaping the noses of the people. There are some issues wondered about this procedure which attracts a lot of attention. As it can be easily imagined, the most important of these issues is the cost. Turkey is a country in which Rhinoplasty is successfully carried out and more affordable prices are offered compared to other countries. In our article, we will discuss nose job costs and advantages of Turkey on this issue.


Factors Including the Cost of Nose Job

Nose job cost varies depending on the process to be performed. It will not be correct to give a clear number as there will be different procedures for each patient. However, the average cost of this procedure in the US and EU countries starts at $5,500. It should be noted that this price is only for the surgery. Operating room procedures, complementary treatments and other details will be charged separately. This is one of the factors that cause the cost to increase considerably.

You can contact your surgeon in order to get some clear information about the cost of rhinoplasty. He will inform you about a clear number according to the procedure to be carried out. However, keep in mind that the prices also vary depending on the country where the clinic is located. Some countries are more advantageous than you might think.


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Is Nose Job Covered by Health Insurance?

Nose job is not done only for aesthetic purposes, they also ensure that the problems in nasal functions are effectively eliminated. Therefore, in some cases, it can be said that they are necessary for health.

When you look at the insurance coverage provided by insurance companies, it will be seen that only compulsory health expenses are covered. Therefore, your health insurance does not pay for cosmetic procedures. Whether your insurance covers the nose job cost may vary.

Health Insurance

Your health insurance will cover rhinoplasty if it is performed due to a breathing problem or problems with nasal functions. Within the scope of Rhinoplasty, it may be possible to change the shape of the nose. However, this does not change the fact that the procedure is necessary for health and Rhinoplasty is considered within the scope of insurance.

Your insurance will not cover Rhinoplasty if there is no dysfunction in the nose or a situation which makes breathing difficult and the procedure is only for aesthetic purposes.


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What Are The Factors That Cause Nose Job Cost to Vary?

There are many factors that affect the cost of a nose job. The costs may increase or decrease accordingly. Here are some of the prominent factors that affect the cost significantly:

  • Anesthesia fees
  • Medicines
  • Surgeon fee
  • Hospital or surgical clinic costs
  • Medical tests and examinations
  • Special clothes to be used after surgery

In addition to the factors listed above, it should be kept in mind that the location of the clinic, the expertise and recognition level of the doctor who performed the procedure also cause the costs  to vary.

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Cost of Nose Job in Turkey

When it comes to nose job, Turkey is one of the most successful countries in recent years. When you look at the preferences of the patients, it can be seen that Turkey is one of the few countries which is successful and highly preferred in this area. The main reasons for this situation are the outstanding achievements of Turkish plastic surgeon and affordable costs in Turkey.

Due to the difference in the exchange rate and similar reasons, the costs in Turkey are about %60-% 70 more affordable than the ones in EU countries and the US. You can get this health service professionally for € 2,500 – € 3,000. In addition, the costs mentioned here include the following services, so there is no additional cost.


nose job cost

  • Accommodation at 4-5 star hotels,
  • Welcoming you at the airport
  • All VIP transfers between hotel/clinic /airport
  • Necessary medical tests
  • Nursing services
  • Personal interpreter
  • All medicines and medical supplies
  • All consultations before and after the operation
  • All complementary health care after the operation

All these advantages including the nose job costs are the reasons for the fact that more than 40,000 procedures per year are carried out in Turkey. If you want to get rid of functional problems in your nose or to reshape it by having a nose surgery, you can concentrate on Turkey as an option.

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