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During the recovery period that starts after the tummy tuck, your strength will increase every day. Even if you slowly start to return to normal life, you will see that the symptoms of surgery continue. Although your surgeon has not guaranteed results, the possibility of failure will scare you. So, it is very important to know the signs of tummy tuck gone wrong.


What is the Possibility of a Tummy Tuck Going Wrong?

A tummy tuck can result in a way that exceeds the expectations, or it can fail. Some of the complications that occur during or after the operation may adversely affect the results.

If the results are not as expected, it will cause great disappointment. Studies show that complications occur in 4% of people, that is, one out of every 25 people after surgery. As with any surgical procedure, there are risks here as well. To meet your expectations effectively, you should choose a surgeon who is an expert in his field and a clinic with high medical competence. With the right choice of a clinic and a specialist doctor, you can reduce this risk to less than 1%.


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10 Signs of a Bad Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck gone wrong can manifest itself with symptoms, especially after surgery. Bad tummy tuck symptoms are important signs. We have listed for you 10 the most common symptoms:

1) Excessive Swelling

Swelling is one of the side effects that can be experienced after any surgical procedure. Swelling up to about 15 days after surgery is considered normal. However, if there is swelling in the incision area and it is accompanied by symptoms such as rash and burning, you may have got an infection. Therefore, in such a case, you must immediately inform your surgeon about it.

2) Non-healing Bruises

Bruises may be seen immediately after surgery and may persist for 10-15 days. However, bruises that stay longer and begin to spread are not considered normal. Discoloration of the bruises, sensitivity to touching may be signs of hematoma. Hematoma is the condition where blood accumulates under the skin and in such a case; the blood needs to be drained with additional intervention.

3) Blood Clots

Clots can occur after any surgical procedure and are quite risky. So much so that a small blood clot can even be life-threatening. The most common type is the one that starts in the leg and is called deep vein thrombosis. It threatens life if this clot passes into the lung or heart vessels and causes a blockage there.

It is important to intervene in blood clots without losing time. It is recommended that patients walk for the first few days after the operation to reduce this risk.

4) High Temperature

High temperature is a sign of infection. Rash and sensitivity to touch in the incision area accompanied by a high temperature may mean that you have an infection.

5) Extreme Pain

It is normal to feel pain in the first days after surgery. You can significantly reduce these pains by taking painkillers prescribed by your doctor. However, if you have persistent and increasing pain despite painkillers, you should inform your doctor.

6) Incorrect Positioning of the Belly Button

Incorrect positioning of the belly button is among the bad tummy tuck symptoms. If you think your belly is too high or too low, there may be mislocation. In such a case, the desired results may not be achieved. Therefore, additional simple surgery to position the belly button at the right place will resolve the problem.

7) Nerve Damage

It is normal to experience numbness or tingling in the area after the surgery and these are temporary. However, if these symptoms persist even after a few weeks, there may be nerve damage. You should report the situation to your doctor.

8) Excessive Bleeding

There may be minor bleeding after surgery. If you are taking blood thinners, you should stop using this medicine a few days before the surgery. Continuous bleeding both prolongs and adversely affects the healing process. If bleeding continues, you should contact your clinic.

9) Infection

Rash on the surgical area, blistering, bad odor, and similar symptoms may indicate infection. Infection is a serious risk to the results of the surgery and your overall health. You should report the situation to your doctor.

10) Tissue Necrosis

Tissue necrosis, also known as tissue death, can be seen after any surgical procedure. Tissue cells that are dead should be removed during the healing process. If the incision area does not look normal and abnormal changes are seen, your doctor may need to examine this area in detail.


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Tummy Tuck Gone Wrong Pictures (Watch the Video)

Such failures in surgeries do not come up as a single type of problem. There may be different problems occurring due to different surgical mistakes. In the video below you will see the stories of people who have this problem and pictures of tummy tuck gone wrong.


What to Do If You Have Had a Bad Tummy Tuck?

The recovery period should be spent considering the doctor’s recommendations. If there is still no improvement towards the end of the recovery period, you can start thinking about revision surgery.

Revision surgery is a surgical procedure performed to eliminate the negativities that occur after tummy tuck and to obtain the desired results. A specialized surgeon should be preferred for revision surgery. Your surgeon will inform you in detail before the operation and will tell you how he will change the unsatisfactory results. Here, you should convey your wishes and expectations.


How to Avoid a Bad Tummy Tuck in Revision Surgery?

It is very important that patients who choose the type of surgery are also willing to avoid a bad experience. Being careful and meticulous in choosing a surgeon will significantly reduce your risk of having a bad tummy tuck experience. Before choosing a doctor, please examine and research your options for surgeons in detail. Check out their before and after photos of previous surgeries they’ve performed.

Another thing to do to avoid a bad experience is the pre-operative preparation and recovery process. You will be given some instructions by your surgeon during both the preparation and the recovery period. You must follow these instructions carefully and act accordingly.

Sticking to the instructions will significantly reduce the risks of complications. These instructions can be quitting smoking, not using alcohol, stopping the use of certain medicines, and the like.

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