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Liposuction stands out with its less invasiveness and short recovery period compared to other body shaping techniques. However, most of the patients do not know how the recovery period is as they are having the procedure for the first time. This can sometimes lead to unnecessary worries.

How does the recovery process progress in liposuction? We have gathered for you the details about the answer to this question and the liposuction results week by week.

How Long Does Liposuction Recovery Take?

The recovery time of this method heavily preferred in body shaping may differ depending on various factors. These factors can generally be listed as follows:

  • Treated areas
  • The amount of fat to be taken from the determined areas
  • General health status
  • The recovery speed of the body
  • The expertise and experience of the plastic surgeon performing the procedure
  • The extent to which the instructions given by the doctor are followed (scar care, activity restriction, compression clothing, use of mediation, etc.)
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption before and after the operation

Recovery time will vary depending on the factors listed above. Therefore, the recovery period for each patient will change individually.

Liposuction Results Week by Week

If you were sedated during the surgical procedure, most probably you will feel sleepy after the procedure. It is also possible that you will feel some pain and general discomfort in the area where the operation was performed. Liposuction is a simple operation in general terms and patients are usually discharged on the same day and sent home.

This will be decided by your doctor. However, you should make sure to have someone drive you home as you will be a little sleepy due to the sedation. Thus, after discharge, you can go home without any problems.

Local anesthesia is generally preferred for liposuction. However, depending on the patient’s condition, sedation may also be preferred to relieve pain and reduce anxiety.

When Do Swellings Disappear After Liposuction?

After liposuction, it is quite normal to experience some swelling in the area where the fat is removed. The swelling that appears after the surgery will have decreased to some extent at the end of the first week. However, it may take up to 6 weeks for the swelling to disappear completely.

It is extremely important to use the compression garment given by your surgeon as per his instructions for the swelling to go away as quickly as possible.

When do the Best Results Become Apparent?

As with many surgical procedures, the time the final results are seen differs from person to person. The size of the area where the procedure is performed, the experience of the surgeon, the amount of fat removed, and the patient’s recovery speed are important here. However, in general, it can be stated that the best results will be seen 3 months after the operation.

Recovery Tips After Liposuction (Infographic)

If you are Patient, It Will be Worth Waiting

The fact that the results are not immediately seen after liposuction may cause depression and anxiety in patients. One should not get disappointed at this stage. It should not be forgotten that the recovery process is long and all are a part of this process. Besides, it should be kept in mind that everyone’s body has a unique structure and, accordingly, the recovery process may be different.

There may be some lumps in the relevant area in the 2-3 months after the surgery. Although these may worry you, they are normal and will go away over time.

The important thing is the long-term results. Mild swelling may still be there in the first 6 months. You will see the first results after the operation, but you have to be patient for a few months for the final results. It can be stated that the results change gradually and become final up to 12 months. During the recovery period, there may be some asymmetry in the related area. However, it should be noted that the smooth and fine results are worth waiting for.

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Results and Realistic Expectations

Patients want to know every detail before the operation. How will I look after the surgery? How much will the related area become thin? The answer to these types of questions is different for each patient. After all, people’s bodies and recovery speed are not the same. However, despite all this, patients need to have realistic expectations. Realistic expectations will make you happy after the procedure.

The aim of this operation is not perfection. The general purpose is to remove excess fat from the body and create a more aesthetic appearance by reshaping the related areas. Other details about the results that will be seen after the fats are taken from the relevant parts of the body are as follows:

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Liposuction is a very effective method to have the desired body appearance. You can reshape many parts of the body with this procedure.

The experienced surgeons of the Cosmeticium clinic shape the bodies of patients with this procedure from different parts of the world every year. Patients leave contended and enjoy their new body lines. If you also want to reshape some parts of your body, you can contact us immediately.


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