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Roles of a surgeon who performs breast reduction operation and a clinic where the surgery is performed have high impact on success of the procedure. However, another thing as important as those would be the attention you pay to recover after surgery. In order for breast reduction surgery to be successful and for recovery period to pass without a problem, you need to act according to these recovery instructions.


How Will I Feel After The Surgery?

  • During the first days, you may feel some pain. Additionally, swelling and bruises may be seen.
  • Around incisions, some tissue fluid may leak, this is normal.
  • Around nipples and near regions, sensation loss may be experienced. This is recovered by itself in a few months.
  • Pain with fever, tingle and similar things may occur. These all go away in time.


What Are The First Recovery Instructions To Follow After Surgery?

  • One of the most important recovery instructions is that you have to arrange someone as your companion before the surgery. Your companion should bring you home from hospital and help you with home duties during first days.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Take blood thinner medicines only if your surgeon approves.
  • Rest during the first days and eat according to the diet planned for you.
  • During this period, you may experience constipation problem. To prevent that, pay attention to consume fruits and to take digestive medicines prescribed by your doctor on a regular basis. If you still experience constipation, immediately consult your doctor.

Recovery Instructions After Surgery

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How Can I Cope With My Pain?

  • Just before your operation, your doctor will prescribe pain killer medicines to you. Use them properly as instructed.
  • Before the surgery, consult your primary care physician about this topic and get an appointment for post-surgery.
  • Because of the painkillers you will use, your pain level will be low. This situation will be evaluated by health professionals and different medicines can be applied if necessary.
  • If you follow these recovery instructions, your pain will go away in time and after a point, it will disappear completely.


How Will My Region Look Like After The Surgery?

  • Color changes and swelling may occur in this region. On average, such complications disappear in 2-4 weeks.
  • After the surgery, considerable hardening around your breasts will occur. This will go away in time and your breast region will soften.
  • At the beginning, it may not look natural but this will change to natural as time passes.
  • Incision scars will be red and thick at the beginning but they will be thin and more faded in 12 months.

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Instructions About Exercising and Moving

  • Go on a walk one day before the surgery. This way, problems like blood clot and swelling can be prevented.
  • Stay away from tiring exercises for 4-6 weeks. Don’t lift heavy things during this period.
  • Take 4-6 weeks off from work. After your doctor approves, you can return to work.
  • One of the recovery instructions is not to drive a car. Don’t drive during the first two weeks.
  • You can start light lower body exercises after 2 weeks.

Need to Know About Exercising after Breast Reduction


Recovery Instructions for Surgery Region

  • You need to keep this region hygienic and make daily examinations due to possible infection risk.
  • Drains will be implemented at the beginning. After they are removed, you can take a shower provided that at least 48 hours pass.
  • Don’t expose surgery region to sunlight for 12 months. If it is inevitable, use a high factor sunscreen.
  • Wear compression garment for 6 weeks and don’t stop using it without your doctor’s approval. This is one of the most important recovery instructions.
  • If the surgery region is dry, you can use moisturizer products.

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What Are The Post-Surgery Actions by Health Care Staff?

  • When liquid volume accumulated inside drainage tubes is lower than 30cc, the tubes are removed.
  • If stitches left outside, they are removed during the first clinic visit.
  • Weekly at the beginning, regular controls are done later on a monthly basis.



When Should I Call My Doctor?

  • If swelling and bruising start to increase remarkably,
  • If rash occurs around incisions,
  • If your pain level increases in spite of pain killer medicines,
  • If yellowish or greenish liquid leaks from surgery region,
  • If bad odor is released from surgery region,
  • If movement and sensation loss increases although you follow recovery instructions, then you need to call your doctor.


Breast Reduction In Turkey

These are all details that you should know regarding post-surgery recovery instructions. Aforementioned procedure can be applied in different parts of the world. However, among all countries, Turkey is one step ahead because of not its success rate but also affordable prices.


Cost of breast reduction in Turkey is around 2.500€-3.000€. In this value, services other than the surgery itself like consultation, accommodation at 4-5 star hotel, transfers between airport/clinic/hotel and medical care are included. Therefore, the cost is highly affordable. On top of that, another advantage is that you will be able to learn about the history and culture of Turkey. To sum up, Turkey is one of the best locations for breast reduction.

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