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Breast implants have different options in terms of size and shape. Women who want larger and more upright breasts can choose the option that will meet their expectations. So, how to determine the right breast implant size? What should be considered when choosing an implant? All details are in our article.


Which Breast Implants Are the Most Common?

Implants used for breast augmentation have many size options. It is possible to find implants of any desired size. However, those between 200 cc and 800 cc implants are the ones preferred by women the most. Choosing a larger implant means more protrusions and a larger diameter. Besides, profile and base widths may also change depending on the size.


How Are Breast Implant Sizes and Shapes Determined According to the Person?

When choosing breast implant size, the size of the bras used should not be taken into consideration. Instead, the patient’s expectations and body size are taken into account. And the size of the implant is determined by the volume.

After determining the volume of the implant, the patient’s body shape and size are also taken into account. Besides, the width of the breast circumference, the distance between the nipple and the collarbone (the rate of sagging of the breasts) should also be considered. The choice is made considering all these factors.

The main goal with a breast implant is not to have the largest breasts. The aim is to reshape the breasts and enlarge them by making them compatible with the body.


Breast Implant Options

There are implants in different sizes and shapes to meet the expectations of women. Different options in terms of variables such as size, surface type, shape, and profile allow women to have the breasts they desire. There are two options for implants in terms of shape. These are round and drop (anatomical) shaped ones. Implants contain gel or physiological saline solution.

Breast Implant Size Options

There are implants with bright and smooth surfaces and those with a rough surfaces. Generally, rough options are preferred. Because the risk of capsule formation of the implant is much lower in these.

Silicones with a polyurethane coating and that have cohesive gel have been developed for women to experience the feeling of naturalness. When touched, they almost imitate a natural breast. Even if they are cut in half, the gels inside do not leak. These products, which have a memory of keeping their shape, largely eliminate the risk of leakage of the implants. While choosing the breast implant size, other issues mentioned here must also be taken into account.

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Round vs. Shaped Implants: Which One is the Best for You?

The most preferred breast implant options are the round and teardrop-shaped ones. Although it is thought that the drop-shaped ones give a more natural result, the round options are also quite successful at this point. Besides, even if the round ones rotate, no deformation occurs.

The body shapes and expectations of the patients should be taken into consideration when checking the suitable option for the patients. The choices may vary depending on the person. Besides, it should not be forgotten that the right clinic and a specialist surgeon should perform this operation for the result to fully meet the expectations.


General Advice on Breast Implant Size

Choosing breast implant size may be more difficult than it seems. Please definitely consider the following points when making your decision.

Breast Implant Size

  • Large implants with a volume of 400 cc or more have a higher risk of displacement.
  • Consider your expectations and body size when choosing the implant size. Never allow your circle of friends, family, and other external factors to influence you.
  • The implants you choose will probably be with you for a very long time. So, think long-term in size selection and make your decision accordingly.
  • Clearly express your wishes and expectations to your doctor. If you want large breasts, highlight this directly.
  • Review before and after photos of patients with similar characteristics. Thus, you can have a clearer idea about the result that will come up.
  • Large implants do not always result in a large increase in size. If you are tall and have a wide breast circumference, you can have the desired size increase with large implants. Similarly, if you have a petite body structure, you can have remarkable changes with small-sized implants.

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Make the Right Decision for Breast Implant Size

You should not think momentarily when making your breast implant size decision. You may want to have larger breasts for a moment. However, you should not act according to this alone and focus on how large breasts will affect your life in the long run.

At first, the idea of having large breasts can be extremely tempting. However, after a few years, you may have experiences that will make you question your decision. Thus, by thinking long-term, you can avoid possible problems in the future.



You should choose the breast implant size completely according to your wishes and expectations. Ultimately, it is your body and you will carry those breasts. You shouldn’t let factors like friends, family, and spouse influence you. Consider your body size when choosing and do not ignore your doctor’s advice.

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