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Menopause is a precursor of the fact that fertility period comes to an end and a new stage has started for a woman. Depending on a woman’s body features, this process starts from the age of 45. Many changes occur inside a woman’s body when menopause starts. Variations in hormone levels are the main reasons behind these changes. One of these changes is hair loss. Then, is hair loss normal during menopause? What are the reasons and solutions? All details are in our article.


How Can I Figure Out That I’m in Menopause?

Menopause has 3 different stages in itself. The first one is perimenopause and it starts a few years before menopause. The most significant sign of this stage is significant disruptions in menstrual cycle.

Although disruptions in menstrual cycle is one of the most important signs of menopause, different changes also occur in a woman’s body. Some of them are estrogen level change, progesterone deficiency and accordingly, no ovulation. Additionally, inhibin B level in plasma decreases and levels of pituitary gonadotropins increase in blood.

Menopause is an important and challenging process for women. It generally lasts for 5-7 years and women are very sensitive against this process. Symptoms experienced by women during this period are as below:

    • Chronic fatigue
    • Skin dryness
    • Sudden emotional changes
    • Sleep disorders
    • Reduced sexual desire
    • Hot flush
    • Hair Loss
  • Hair thinning
  • Bald spots on scalp

Hair loss during menopause is one of the most important problems for women. Lost hair can be clearly seen on comb, hairbrush and in the shower. During menopause, hair gets thinner first and then lost.

Hair Loss During Menopause

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Reasons of Hair Loss During Menopause

Important changes occur during menopause in a woman’s body. One of them is hair loss and there are different reasons behind this change. Reasons of hair loss during menopause can be listed as below:

  • The most important reason behind is reduced level of estrogen.
  • With age, significant decrease occurs in cell regeneration speed. Accordingly, tissue regeneration slows down as well.
  • Anagene, catagen and telogen phases (hair growth cycle) significantly get shorter.
  • Division rate of keratinocyte cells that produce keratin, which is the fundamental protein for hair, slows down.
  • Blood vessels shrink and accordingly, the amount of blood flowing to hair follicles decreases. That means, less nourishment for hair follicles.
  • Testosterone level (male hormone) relatively increases and accordingly, DHT activity increases and that causes male type baldness.

Reasons of hair loss during menopause are generally like this. However, except these, there may be other reasons of hair loss.


Hair Loss in Women and Decrease in Hair Quality

Half of hair loss cases experienced by women during menopause period is due to male type baldness. That means, there are hormonal changes behind hair loss. Different medications can be used to solve this problem. However, it must be remembered that medicine use should only occur based on your doctor’s suggestion!

Hair care products used for long years cause hair quality decrease. Especially with decrease in hair regeneration rate as age increases, hair quality loss speeds up. Every chemical substance applied onto hair cause serious quality decrease.

Hair Loss in Women and Decrease in Hair Quality


How to Prevent Hair Loss During Menopause?

Hair loss during menopause is a serious problem; but it is possible to overcome this problem with correct treatment. For this, patience is one of the keys. With simple precautions, life style changes and supplements for hair care, you can overcome this problem. Things to consider and apply to overcome hair loss during menopause are as below:


Regular Exercising

Exercising regularly decreases stress level and eliminates menopause symptoms significantly. Besides, it also prevents weight gain, sleep disorders and emotional changes considerably.


Stay Away from Stress

Stress is a factor that affects human health bad in every way. It is also the same for hair health. Uncontrolled and severe stress may cause disruptions in hormone levels. Estrogen production may be inhibited by high stress level and that may cause hair loss.


Prefer Natural Hair Care Products

Using hair care products with natural ingredients is important both for hair health and scalp health. Yet, it is very important that such products you would like to use do not contain chemicals and are completely natural.


Follow a Low-Fat Diet Program

As a precaution against hair loss during menopause, you can change the way you eat. By preferring low-fat nutrients, you can preserve your overall health as well as your hair health. At this point, you can prefer:

  • Whole grains
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Walnut
  • Almond
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Olive oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Green tea
  • Flax seed oil


Take Vitamins and Minerals

Pay attention to the vitamin and mineral amount that you take in your diet. No matter how attentive you ae, it may not be possible for you to take some vitamins and minerals in required amounts. At this point, you can consult an expert. You can also use vitamins and minerals prescribed by your doctor.

Vitamins and minerals like amino acids, vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C, iron and zinc have preventive effects against hair loss.

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Exact Solution for Hair Loss During Menopause

Exact Solution for Hair Loss During Menopause

Treatment applied against hair loss during menopause may not provide positive results always. No matter how hard you try, hair thinning may occur. In such cases, you can prefer hair transplantation for an exact solution.

FUE technique used in hair transplantation includes grafts to be obtained one by one from donor area and then to be planted into required areas. Before these grafts are planted, channels are created through respective area and grafts are then placed into these channels. This way, hair is planted in desired angle and there occurs no scar after the application.

Another technique used in hair transplantation is DHI hair transplant method. In this method, grafts are obtained one by one. Then, obtained grafts are placed into specially designed equipment called as “Choi Pen” and planted into bald area. This is a method in which a separate process to create channels is not required, because channel creation and planting occur simultaneously.



Hair loss during menopause is a common problem. With correct treatment, hair loss can be brought under control. However, in some cases, it may not be possible to prevent hair loss and significant level of hair thinning. In such cases, the problem can be overcome with hair transplantation permanently. As Cosmeticium, we offer advanced hair transplantation methods like FUE and DHI and exercise due care so that you obtain the best result. In order to get information about hair loss treatment and hair transplantation, you can contact us.

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