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Despite of diet and exercising, fat in somebody parts may not be burnt. In such cases, liposuction procedure comes to mind. Being a minimally invasive procedure, liposuction makes it possible to get rid of stubborn, unwanted fat. Then, is liposuction expensive? How much does it cost and based on which factors does its cost vary? How can you get the best treatment with the best price? All are in our article.


Is Liposuction Really Expensive?

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure and it enables some body parts to be effectively reshaped. However, as in all cosmetic procedures, liposuction is not covered by health insurances. Therefore, patients need to cover this cost by themselves. Right at this point, the question “is liposuction expensive?” is asked.

Liposuction’s expensiveness is directly linked with a person’s budget as well as his/her expectations. Therefore, it is not possible to provide a clear answer to that question. For some, this cost may be very affordable and for some, it may be way too expensive.


Based on Which Factors Does the Answer to the Question “Is Liposuction Expensive?” Change?

Liposuction is a common cosmetic procedure nowadays. Since it provides effective results and due to its short recovery period, it is a popular choice. The cost of this procedure on the other hand is not certain and it varies based on different factors. Factors that affects the answer to the question “is liposuction expensive?” and respective explanation are as below:

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  • Medical Tests

In order to determine if a patient is suitable for liposuction procedure, some tests are done. These are routine tests and applied to all patients. Yet, in case a different condition is determined for a candidate, there may be additional test requirement. As the number of tests to be done increases, related cost also increases.

  • Anesthesia Cost

Before liposuction, local anesthesia is generally applied. However, in case liposuction will be done on multiple areas, your doctor may prefer general anesthesia. This situation changes the cost – it may vary depending on the number of areas on which local anesthesia will be applied or if general anesthesia is preferred.

  • Number of Treated Areas

Liposuction can be applied onto different body parts. As the number of application areas increases, related cost will also increase. It may even increase up to a few times depending on this number. Therefore, the question “is liposuction expensive?” and the number of application areas are directly linked.

Some difficulties exist during liposuction application in some body parts. For example, this application is difficult and time consuming when the application area is chest or back. Therefore, depending on the application area, respective cost may increase.

In some people, fat accumulation may be seen around some specific parts and it may be easy to remove fat from there. In such cases, procedure cost will significantly be lower.

  • Clothes Provided After the Operation

After this procedure, in order for targeted areas to be shaped well and recovered fast, wearing compression garment may be necessary. For each area treated, different types of clothes should be put on. If such particular clothing is not included in the treatment package, additional cost may occur.

  • Medicine Prescriptions

In order for the recovery process to go on in a healthy way, some medicines may be required. Medicines like painkillers and antibiotics provide effective results when it is about spending recovery time in a comfortable way.

  • Surgeon’s Experience

In order for this procedure to meet expectations, a surgeon who is experienced in this field and proved his/her expertise should be preferred. Liposuction cost when it is performed by an experienced surgeon is higher.

When a surgeon who does not have sufficient experience in this field is preferred, the result will be less probable to meet your expectations. Besides, the risk of side effects and complications will be higher.

  • Location

Region of the clinic you will prefer affects the cost. For example, when you prefer clinics in big cities like New York or London, you will face high costs. Therefore, you need to broaden your view during clinic and surgeon selection. Evaluate choices out of your city and even out of your country. While doing so, consider travel and accommodation expenses as well. At this point, countries which are popular destinations in health tourism, like Turkey, can be preferred.

Factors mentioned here are all effective for the answer to the question “is liposuction expensive?”.

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What Should I Consider While Selecting a Surgeon?

Surgeon selection is very important not only for liposuction but also for all surgical operations. While selecting a surgeon, you should first check his/her expertise and his/her certificates in this field. After these, you need to evaluate how experienced he/she is in liposuction. By evaluating the results of his/her previous procedures, you can have an idea about your surgeon’s experience.

By choosing a surgeon with high experience and expertise, you increase the success rate of liposuction and decrease the risk of complication.


Liposuction Cost

Liposuction cost is around 5.000-12.000€ at clinics in Europe. On top of that, these values are all only for the surgery itself. It may be necessary to make extra payments for compression clothes, medical tests, anesthesia and prescribed medicines.

In order to decrease the overall cost, different countries can be evaluated. At this point, Turkey steps forward. Liposuction in Turkey costs 1.599£ and for every extra area, 250£ extra cost occurs. Additionally, this price includes all medical applications, clothing after surgery, accommodation and shuttle transfer between hotel/clinic/airport. This way, you won’t face any surprise cost in Turkey.

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The answer to the question “is liposuction expensive” may change from person to person. However, with correct selections, you can also bring the cost down. When you select Turkey, you can have this procedure with very low cost due to currency difference. On top of this, surgeons in Turkey have high level of experience in liposuction as well as other cosmetic procedures. All those people from all around the world coming to Turkey to have liposuction done are simply the proof of how a good selection Turkey is.

Cosmeticium clinic in Turkey has expert and experienced surgeons when it is about liposuction. With this procedure that will be performed by our surgeons, who are the best in their fields, you can shape your body as you desire. Top all, while doing so, you will face so low cost that you will not think about the question “is liposuction expensive?” at all. In order to get detailed information about this topic, you can contact us anytime.


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