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Many men are under the risk of hair loss. Due to different reasons, men may lose hair temporarily or permanently. In case of male type baldness or androgenetic alopecia, hair follicles shrink and can’t produce hair strand anymore. This generally occurs due to genetic factors and sometimes stress triggers this kind of hair loss. Unfortunately it is generally permanent and there is no chance to grow hair again. Yet, some hair loss types are not permanent. When correct precautions are taken, you can save your hair. Well, how? In which cases it is possible to grow hair again after hair loss? Is your type of hair loss among these cases? Details are in our article.


Why Does My Hair Fall?

Hair loss is one of the most problems of both men and women. For men, this problem is more common and women also experience this problem. There are some factors that cause hair loss. The most known ones are as below:

  • Genetic factors
  • Emotional stress
  • Physical stress
  • Systematic dysfunctions
  • Fast weight loss
  • Aging
  • Abnormal hormone level changes
  • Wrong hair care treatments
  • Wrong diet applications
  • Alopecia


Is It Possible That Hair Grows Again After Hair Loss?

Hair loss is caused by different factors that affect hair follicles, which produce hair strands. Due to some factors, hair follicles lose their ability and cannot produce hair strands anymore. In such cases, even different treatments are applied for years, desires result cannot be obtained.

Grow Hair Again

However, in some hair loss types that occur due to some factors, hair follicles don’t get damaged. They just go into resting phase and stuck there. By applying suitable treatments, hair follicles can be taken out of resting phase and it can be possible again for them to produce hair strands. Growing hair again after hair loss may be possible based on these factors mentioned here.

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3 Common Suggested Solutions

If you experience an important problem like hair loss, firstly the reason behind must be identified. After these reasons are identified, hair can be restored. There are effective methods used nowadays for this purpose. The most effective methods at this point are as below:


Topical Medicines

Being one of the most effective medicines against hair loss, Minoxidil is one of the topical medicines. Topical medicines are directly applied onto the area where hair loss occurs. By applying Minoxidil, channels inside follicles are activated. Additionally, this medicine also contributes to hair growth. Besides all these, it enlarges blood vessels in scalp and enhances blood flow. This way, follicles are nourished better.

One of the most effective methods for hair to grow again after hair loss is using this topical medicine called Minoxidil. Yet, this medicine has to be used only if your doctor suggests.

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Oral Medicines

One of the most common oral medicines prescribed in case of hair loss is Finasteride. It is one of the most effective methods against androgenetic alopecia. When men, even young ones, use this medicine as instructed by a doctor, hair loss can be slowed down. Finasteride has the ability to inhibit the enzyme that causes hair loss. This way, several patients can avoid hair loss by using this medicine.


PRP Treatment

PRP treatment is among the latest treatment methods provided by advanced medicine. Maybe you haven’t heard of this treatment before. This is a method that is used to treat different diseases in other medical fields for more than 10 years. Recently, it has started to be used in hair loss treatment as well.

In PRP treatment, person’s own blood is taken and centrifuged. With this process, enriched plasma is obtained from blood. This plasma contains rich amount of substances that nourishes hair and triggers hair growth. This enriched plasma is injected into scalp. This way, hair loss can be prevented. PRP is an effective method used to grow hair again after hair loss.

PRP for Hair Intensity


How Long Does It Take for My Lost Hair to Grow Again?

Time required for lost hair to grow again varies depending on hair loss type and applied treatments. Therefore, it is not possible to state certain time information regarding hair growth.

If doctor instructions are followed well in topical treatments, generally a few months are required for hair to be restored. Topical applications are done every day.

Unfortunately it is not always possible for hair to grow again after hair loss occurs. In such cases, the most effective solution is hair transplantation. After a hair transplant operation performed by an expert surgeon, you can have permanent hair. After hair transplantation, perfect result is obtained after 6-12 months.


In Which Hair Loss Type Does Hair Not Grow Again?

Male type hair loss causes permanent hair loss. It is generally seen among men, but it is a known fact that it also affects women. Unfortunately, male type hair loss can’t be reversed.

In male type hair loss, follicles that are responsible for hair strand production shrink and lose their ability. In this type of hair loss, treatments like PRP and medical applications like Minoxidil use or Finasteride application may slow down hair loss. This problem is named as androgenetic alopecia, it is not possible for hair to grow again after hair loss. Treatments here focuses on saving hair strands that are still in place.

How Long Does Hair Loss Take?

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What Should I Do?

If there is male type hair loss history in your family, that means you re also under the risk. In order to learn about the level of this risk, you should consult a dermatologist and get examined in detail. After examination and tests, you can learn the most suitable treatments for you from your doctor.

Except suggested treatment, you can decrease the risk of hair loss by paying attention to your diet and hair hygiene. Such additional precautions will provide effective results in slowing down hair loss.



Based on reasons behind hair loss and applied treatments, it may be possible to restore lost hair. However, sometimes, there is no possibility to grow hair again after hair loss. When hair is lost permanently, hair transplantation can be preferred. Cosmeticium has significant expertise and experience in hair loss treatment as well as hair transplantation. In order to get information about these topics, you can contact us.


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