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The way hair is washed after hair transplantation has high importance. Correct and on time washing directly affects the success of hair transplant. Then, how should washing after hair transplantation be done? Which type of shampoo should be used? How to dry hair? You can find answers to all these questions plus other details about washing after hair transplantation in our article.


How Should Washing After Hair Transplantation Be?

After hair transplantation, you must wait for two days to wash your hair. Because, within the first 48 hours after hair transplantation, it is very probable for planted grafts to get damaged. Washing hair in this period may damage hair follicles permanently or cause grafts, which are not settled yet completely, to disposition. After this period, you can wash your hair with a special lotion suggested by your doctor.

Special lotion suggested by your doctor must be applied towards the direction your hair grows. Don’t forget that the main factor during this application is friction. Things to consider during washing are as below:

  • Washing must be done towards the direction your hair grows.
  • Low-pressure and warm water should be used.
  • No pressure neither unnecessary massaging should be applied.


Instructions for Washing after Hair Transplantation

There are some steps to be followed during washing after hair transplantation. When these steps are followed, hair transplantation process goes flawlessly. These steps are as below:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Gently, apply the moisturizer and lotion suggested by your doctor onto your hair.
  • Wait for 30 minutes.
  • With warm water, gently wash the area you applied lotion.
  • Apply foam shampoo to planted area as well as donor area gently. If your shampoo is not foam type, apply it onto these areas and foam it with your hands (don’t make this foaming application on your scalp)
  • Wash remaining shampoo and lotion with warm water.
  • After rinsing is done, dry transplanted area as well as donor area carefully and gently.


How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

If you use a special lotion before shampoo in the period after hair transplantation, you need to wash your hair every day. By washing your hair every day as you are instructed, you can contribute to the recovery process. However, if your doctor instructed otherwise about the frequency of washing after hair transplantation, it would be better to do so.

This frequency will go on for 2 weeks. Your doctor will inform you accordingly. When this period ends, it would be enough to place 2 days between consecutive washing times.

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Is Any Shampoo Suitable for Washing After Hair Transplantation?

Shampoo preference for washing after hair transplantation is important. Having fresh wounds on your skin and the fact that shampoo directly contacts your skin make shampoo selection an important thing. Inside the shampoo product that will be preferred, irritating substances should exist as low as possible. At this point, prefer shampoo products which are defined as “safe” by your doctor.

The shampoo that will be preferred should contribute hair follicles and hair growth. This way, not only recovery process of scalp will be faster but also grafts’ hair production process will be supported.


Things NOT TO DO During Washing after Hair Transplantation

There are some situations to avoid during washing after hair transplantation. It should always remembered that these situations that should be avoided can damage hair follicles and make the procedure fail. Therefore, the following things should be taken seriously.

Washing after Hair Transplantation


Don’t Use Towel While Drying Your Hair

Drying hair in the correct way will speed up recovery process. Preferring wrong drying methods, on the other hand, will damage planted grafts. At this point, you should definitely not prefer classical method of hair drying – with towel. Until your doctor consents, don’t use towels to dry your hair. The most correct method in this period is to leave hair for natural drying. If hair dryer use is an obligation, you can use it in cold mode, one arm away from your head.


Try Not To Scratch Your Hair

During the recovery period after hair transplantation, scalp may itch. This is a normal and expected situation. No matter how sever that itching is, don’t scratch your scalp. Otherwise, planted grafts may dislocate and your scalp may get damaged. Other than these, microbes on your hands may cause different health problems on your scalp, where wounds are still fresh.


Stay Away From Hair Sprays

At least for 3 months, you should avoid using hair sprays. Such products may clog pores on your scalp. This affects recovery process negatively. Furthermore, some hair sprays can even damage hair follicles.


Postpone Hair Cut for Some Time

You should avoid having your hair cut until your recovery process reaches a defined point. Your doctor will inform you about this topic in detail. When your doctor consents haircut, this should also be done with care and as instructed. It is suggested that first cuts should be done by using scissors and not blades or machine.


Don’t Use Hot Water

During washing after hair transplantation, hot water should not be used. Because, at this stage, scalp may be affected bad from hot water as it is still not recovered. Therefore, warm water should be preferred while washing hair.


Don’t Apply Pressure onto Grafts

Water you use during washing should not be pressurized. Water flow should not cause pressure on grafts. So, don’t apply pressurized water directly onto your hair. Instead, with a suitable container, you can pour water onto your hair gently.


Apply Shampoo Gently

While applying shampoo on your hair, pay attention not to apply pressure on your scalp. At this point, you should pour shampoo into your hands first and foam it while it is still in your hands. Later, you should apply this foam onto your hair. Do this application for 2 minutes and wait for 5 minutes until it works. Later, gently and carefully, rinse your hair.


Don’t Try To Remove Scabs in Your Hair

After this surgery, hair loss may occur on your head, which is defined as “shock loss”. This loss is normal and temporary. The main thing here is the grafts that were planted. In this stage, scabs will occur on your scalp. Don’t try to remove them. Wait for them to fall by themselves. Scabs will speed up scalp recovery and protect planted grafts.


Try Keeping Your Hair Clean

When scabs fall by themselves completely, that means recovery process is completed and grafts are settled. After this stage, normal hair washing method can be preferred. Yet, there should be no chemicals inside the shampoo you will use. Additionally, pH level should be suitable for hair. In this period, you should again wash your hair regularly and pay attention to hygiene. Clean and healthy hair and scalp will surely increase success rate of this procedure.


Final Important Suggestions About Washing After Hair Transplantation

Washing after hair transplantation is very important and should be done correctly. Except the suggestions above, you should also pay attention to the things below.

  • Don’t let planted area to be exposed to direct sunlight. Sunlight causes sweating on scalp and sweating increases infection risks.
  • Don’t wear anything that may apply pressure onto planted area, like a hat or similar. Additionally, while putting on or taking off clothes like t-shirts or jerseys, pay attention not to create pressure on your head.
  • During early days, protect your scalp even from very little impact and pressure. Such a small impact that is not harmful in normal days may damage grafts during early days after hair transplantation.
  • Don’t go swimming in the sea or in a pool within the first month after hair transplantation. Don’t expose your hair to sea water or pool water.

Things to Avoid After Hair Transplant

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These are the final suggestions about washing after hair transplantation. By following these suggestions, you will increase the success rate of hair transplantation operation. Also, at this point, selecting the right clinic for this procedure has high importance.

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