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Baldness due to hair loss is one of the major problems of people today. If the hair loss that has started due to various reasons is not intervened on time and in the right way, baldness will be inevitable. Different medications can be used to avoid and reduce hair loss. Minoxidil is one of them. So, is Minoxidil a solution to baldness? How does it work? How long should it be used? The answers to all these important questions are in our article.


What is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is a medication in the form of a lotion that is applied to the scalp for 1 ml twice a day and prevents hair loss. It is applied directly to the scalp and one has to massage with fingers after the application so that it reaches the hair follicles. The concentration of the medication is 2% or 5%.

When prescribed by your doctor, you should use it according to the instructions given. However, it is also possible to get this medicine without a prescription. In such a case, be sure to seek advice from your doctor. Otherwise, please bear in mind that you may face undesirable results.


How Does It Work?

Minoxidil slows or stops hair loss by expanding the blood vessels. It makes the expansion of all veins in the applied area possible. Thus, the amount of blood coming to the scalp and the level of transported nutrients increase. Hair follicles that are nourished more and better than before are supported. Thus, hair loss slows down and after a point, it stops completely.


There are also views that when applied to the scalp, it stimulates the keratinocytes responsible for hair growth. It provides both better nutrition of the hair follicles and stimulation of the follicles for hair production.

The fact that it nourishes the hair by expanding the vessels makes it effective in all types of hair loss. It can be used in all types of hair loss, such as genetically caused hair loss or anemia-related hair loss.

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Usage Dose

Minoxidil can be used once or twice a day. People with excessive hair loss should use it twice a day for the first month, in the morning and evening. However, after the first month, it should be used only once a day. Your doctor’s instructions and recommendations are important here. You can rest assured that you will get the best results when you act according to those instructions.

Minoxidil has two different options, 2%, and 5%. For hair loss in men, the 5% option is usually used. For women, 2% is preferred. However, the main thing here is again the instructions of your doctor.

Minoxidil is a highly effective drug and should not be used without the doctor’s advice. Otherwise, your hair loss may increase and the process leading to baldness may be faster for you.


Usage Period

The usage period of this medication varies according to the condition of the patients. However, it can be said that the average usage period is between 6 months and 1 year. As it nourishes the hair follicles by expanding the vessels, the usage period can be extended according to the doctor’s instructions.

Those who constantly complain of hair loss can continue to use it for many years. Thus, hair loss will be avoided for a long time.

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Is Minoxidil Risky?

The medication has different side effects, but these are not so dangerous. When used according to the doctor’s instructions, the risks will be at very low levels. Before using it, make sure to consider the following points:

  • It is forbidden to use by pregnant and lactant women.
  • Those between the ages of 18 and 65 can use it.
  • It should not be used if there is a lesion in the area to be applied.

When Is the Minoxidil Effect Seen?

It should not be forgotten that it is an effective medication and the doctor’s instructions should never be neglected. If you ignore the recommended doses and usage, you may experience serious side effects. Besides, the medication in the form of lotion should be applied directly to the scalp. Serious risks may arise if swallowed or applied to the area with a lesion.

The dosage is around 1 ml. However, some people can use up to 2 ml of Minoxidil. It should not be used in higher doses without a doctor’s advice or instruction. Side effects are as follows:

  • Minor skin lesions
  • Itching
  • Weight gain
  • Tachycardia
  • Low blood pressure
  • Skin dryness

These side effects are extremely rare. If you experience side effects, you should inform your doctor about the issue.

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When Is the Effect Seen?

The effect of Minoxidil is usually seen within 1 month to 3 months. Due to the expansion of blood vessels, your hair loss will decrease in a short time with better nutrition of the hair follicles.

Its effect varies for everyone. It can completely stop hair loss in some people, but its effects may be much more limited in others. Factors such as the cause of hair loss and the dose of use are influential here.

Minoxidil is a medication that can be used for many years, provided that it is recommended by a doctor. However, in some people, its effects may decrease over time, depending on its use for many years. Studies have shown that after 5 years, in a small proportion of patients, the medication has lost its effectiveness.


Is It Used For Beard?

This medication that can expand the veins in the areas where it is used can also be used for beards. Again, the doctor’s recommendations about usage and dose should be followed. Thus, the loss of the beard will be noticeably reduced.

Folliculitis in Beard

When applied to the beard or hair area, it should never be extended beyond the relevant area. Because Minoxidil is a very effective medication and can cause hair growth in the areas it comes into contact with. Contact with an area where the beard or hair should not grow may result in hair growth in that area. No one wants such a situation.

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Minoxidil is one of the most effective medications used against hair loss today. When used in the right dose, it meets expectations in general. Thus, it can be said that it avoids baldness. However, in some people, it loses its effect over time and cannot be a cure for baldness. In such cases, the most effective solution is hair transplantation.

At Cosmeticium, we perform hair transplantation with the latest techniques to ensure that you regain your old hair in a short time. We also apply different treatments such as PRP for hair loss, including Minoxidil. Contact us to get information on the subject.


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