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Depending on age, gravity and changes in hormone levels, changes occur in women’s breasts after the age of 40. Such changes may occur in different ways for everyone. Yet, in general, it can be said that such changes are negative. Then, in which areas do breast changes due to aging occur? Can breast aesthetic procedures solve this negative progress? Details are in our article.


5 Things That Affect Breast Changes While Aging

Changes in breasts due to aging occur because of different factors. Bones, skin, nipples, muscles and fat tissue are effective on such changes. These cause the following changes in breasts:

Breast Changes

1. Skin 

Skin covers breast area completely and it behaves like a cover there. Thanks to connective tissues like elastin, collagen and glycosaminoglycan, skin becomes moist, elastic and tight. Significant decrease occurs in elastin, collagen and glycosaminoglycan levels as age increases. Accordingly, skin becomes dryer, saggier and less plump.


2. Bones 

When breasts are examined, it can be determined that there is no bone inside. Yet, aged bones in ribcage may affect how breasts look. With aging, bone density and size decreases. This situation may cause breasts to be less supported by bones. When all these changes combine with the changes in overall appearance, breasts become less plump.


3. Nipples 

Expressed as areolar complex, nipples are the points from where milk channels reach outside of breasts. Nipples may disappear depending on age. Or, it may go inward oriented. All these negatively affect how breasts look.


4. Fat Tissue  

Breasts consist of mainly fat tissue and glandular tissue. As age increases and hormone levels change, glandular tissue amount in breasts decreases and fat tissue amount increases. Although fat tissue amount is then higher compared to younger ages, total fat tissue amount may decrease. This situation causes upper part of breasts to be less plump and makes them saggy.

Some women may gain weight especially after menopause period. Some of this gained weight accumulates as fat in breasts. This situation may make breasts larger. There are women who received breast enlargement surgery in their young ages and whose breasts get even larger after menopause. Such women received another surgery so that implants can be removed at later ages.


5. Muscles 

Between breasts and ribcage, muscle layer exists. These muscles significantly affect appearance. Thickness of muscle layer there decreases with age. As this thickness decreases, breasts look plainer and saggier. With regular exercises, these negative consequences can be prevented up to some point.

Changes in breasts with age are generally like mentioned above.

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Breast Aesthetics in Turkey

Breast aesthetics in Turkey are performed in accordance with international quality standards. Success rate is extremely high. Simply because of this, people from different parts of the world prefer Turkey for breast aesthetics. Besides high quality, cost of aesthetic procedures in Turkey are significantly low. Therefore, interest towards Turkey increases every day.

Medicine Tourism and Hair Transplantation in Turkey

  • Breast Reduction

Mammoplasty or breast reduction is a procedure that includes the removal of excess tissue, fat and skin. Breast reduction can be performed due to aesthetic concerns and different health problems. The surgery takes 2-4 hours and patients are kept at clinic for 1 day.

Cost of breast reduction in Turkey changes between 2.500€ and 2.800€. This value includes accommodation at a 5-star hotel, VIP transfers and all medical services.

  • Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a procedure that makes it possible to resize breasts as desired, thanks to specially developed implants. In these surgeries, different types of implants can be used. Used implants can provide a natural appearance and sense of touch.

Breast augmentation surgeries take around 3-7 hours. Having recovery period of 1 week, this procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Depending on patient’s conditions, it may be possible to be kept at clinic/hospital overnight. The cost of this surgery in Turkey is around 2.500€ and 3.500€.

  • Breast Lifting

Breast lifting is a surgery that is performed to lift breasts, which become saggy due to aging and gravity. In this procedure, nipples are repositioned and excess skin is removed. At the end, breasts obtain lifted appearance with out without bra.

Breast lifting surgery takes around 2-3 hours. Patients are kept under control for at least one night. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and recovery period is 2 weeks. The cost of this surgery in Turkey is between 1.500€ and 2.000€. This value includes accommodation, shuttle transfers and all medical procedures.

With these procedures, changes in breasts as age increases can be prevented. These procedures make it possible for you to have the breasts in your dreams for long years.



Changes in breasts as age increases is actually inevitable. In order to prevent this negative appearance, you can have breast aesthetics. As Cosmeticium, we have serious level of experience and expertise in procedures like breast augmentation, breast lifting and breast reduction. By taking your expectations and conditions of your breasts into account, the most suitable solutions are provided for you. In order to get more information about the topic, you can contact us.

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