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Liposuction is an effective procedure for body shaping. Changes that occur with this procedure are often permanent. Well, is it risky to get pregnant after liposuction? How is body affected? Will I be able to restore my old weight? All the details in our article.


Getting Pregnant After Liposuction

Women who shape certain parts of their bodies with liposuction wonder how the results will be affected in case of possible pregnancy. Many women think that the results will largely disappear. However, this idea is not entirely correct.

During pregnancy, it is inevitable for a future mother to gain weight as baby grows. In this process, women gain an average of 8-13 kilograms. It is certain that the gained weight will negatively affect liposuction results, but this is temporary. However, if weight is lost after delivery, the results will largely revert to pre-pregnancy. Therefore, it can be said that pregnancy does not affect the results obtained.

Losing weight after pregnancy allows you to regain the old results. However, it would be more appropriate to perform liposuction after family planning is completed. Eventually, cracks and skin sagging may occur in hip, abdomen, chest and thigh areas before birth. Such situations may adversely affect the obtained results. In order not to take these risks, it is more appropriate not to get pregnant after liposuction.

If I Get Pregnant After Liposuction


If I Get Pregnant After Liposuction, Will I Go Back to My Old Weight?

Fat cells in the area related to liposuction are removed permanently. Thus, fat cell production in the same area is prevented. The fact that human body does not produce new fat cells, especially after puberty, ensures that the results are permanent.

It will be inevitable for candidates to gain weight with pregnancy. However, it is important not to gain excess weight in this process, so that the obtained results are not adversely affected. In case of excessive weight gain, it should not be forgotten that remaining fat cells in body will grow even more.

Apart from pregnancy, there will be body changes depending on aging process. However, with regular exercise and a healthy diet, aging effects can be significantly prevented. Thus, body changes obtained with liposuction become more permanent. As a result, if you pay attention, you can regain your old fit look.


Loose Skin Problem

Majority of women notice that skin in mid-area loosens after pregnancy and will remain loose thereafter. This may affect the results of liposuction. Some women may even prefer a tummy tuck procedure to remove loose skin and tighten underlying muscles. Abdominoplasty does not affect liposuction procedure results. However, experts recommend that women complete their childbearing plans for such procedures.

abdominoplastyThe decision about when to perform liposuction should be determined as a result of a conversation between a specialist surgeon and his/her patient. Pregnancy after liposuction may adversely affect the results. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to perform fat removal after all planned pregnancies.


Is It Risky To Get Pregnant After Liposuction?

It is safe to get pregnant after liposuction. Fat is removed from certain body parts with liposuction. Performed procedures are not through and do not affect a patient’s ability to become pregnant. Ultimately, this procedure is done under anesthesia.

Even if pregnancy after liposuction is not considered risky, it may not be appropriate to have liposuction while you are pregnant. So if you have any doubts, it’s important to take a pregnancy test before this procedure and make sure that you’re not pregnant.

To get the best results, some women consider having liposuction after their childbearing years are over. At this point, results may differ from person to person. Previously removed fat cells cannot be removed again. However, if there are fat cells that were not removed previously, it is possible to remove those fat cells with subsequent procedure.


Why Is Liposuction After Pregnancy Safer?

Liposuction does not have any effect on your ability to get pregnant. If you have liposuction before you complete your family planning, there is no risk for future birth. However, if you have a plan to have a child in a short time, it would be better to postpone liposuction. So you can be sure that the results will be permanent.

Women’s bodies are constantly changing due to pregnancy, menopause and weight gain due to different reasons. Liposuction is a procedure for these changes and provides permanent results. Since fat cells are removed permanently in this operation, there is no fat deposition in the same area. However, weight gain in other areas where fat is not removed might be more than expected. Liposuction is a procedure for body shaping and fat removal. It is not possible to treat cellulite or loose skin with this procedure.

Liposuction ProcedureAfter the liposuction procedure, it may be difficult to lose gained weight due to having a child. Weight lost with high effort before having a child can be regained during this period. Losing gained weight after birth may be difficult for some women. Especially if fat is removed before birth, gained weight can be distributed to different parts of body. Appearance of your body which is formed in such a situation may disturb you more.

Whether it is appropriate to have liposuction before having a child or not varies from person to person. Some women’s problems with their body appearance may bother them more after giving birth. It should be decided when to perform fat removal procedure by evaluating them all together.

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Women who have children after liposuction experience fat accumulation in some parts of their bodies. However, with regular exercise and diet, they can get rid of this fat and regain their old appearance. Despite all these, it would be much more appropriate to perform liposuction after pregnancy. There is no additional risk of getting pregnant after liposuction.

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