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Collagen is one of the essential amino acids for skin health. There is plenty in the body. It stands out, especially for supporting the protection of skin and hair growth. Collagen supplements can be used to bring this amino acid to its previous level which decreases with age and insufficient nutrition due to diet. Here, the question of whether too much collagen can cause hair loss arises.

Does too much collagen cause hair loss? What other ailments can it trigger other than damage to the hair? All are in our article. Before examining whether collagen is harmful to hair, let’s start by talking about the benefits it has.

Benefits of Collagen for Hair

Collagen has many benefits for hair. This amino acid is used in the production of keratin protein, one of the basic building blocks of hair. The benefits of collagen for hair are as follows:

Reduces Hair Loss 

Thanks to this amino acid, proper nutrition and blood supply to the hair are effectively provided. Thus, a significant strengthening occurs in the inner structure of the hair. Strengthened hair remains healthier and more flexible. Therefore, the loss is significantly reduced.

Provides Fast Hair Growth 

Collagen is a great substance to positively affects hair growth. Collagen, which is used under the supervision of a doctor, has a positive effect on growth and facilitates the fullness and volume of the hair.

Reduces Age-related Graying 

With this amino acid, a strong structure is formed in the follicles. It helps to provide essential amino acids to the follicles. Follicles are responsible for giving color to the hair. Therefore, an adequate level of collagen delays and reduces age-related graying.

Strengthens Hair  

With aging, the level of collagen begins to decrease. This leads to loss of flexibility, and split ends. With collagen, the hair regains the strength it lost. Besides, it also has a function such as balancing the moisture level. With collagen, the moisture level is balanced, thus preventing splitting and electrification caused by dryness.

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Can Too Much Collagen Cause Hair Loss?

After this stage, the question is “Does too much collagen cause hair loss?”

The answer is no. If it is used at the level recommended by the doctor, there will be no problems. However, in rare cases, some people are allergic to this amino acid. Depending on this very rare condition, some side effects may arise. To learn about the risk of allergy, you can consult your doctor and have a burning test before you start using the related amino acid.

There is no known direct relationship between collagen supplements and hair loss. That is too much collagen does not cause hair loss. However, it can lead to a different condition called scleroderma.

Collagen is an excellent solution for many hair problems. However, you should remember that you must get approval from your doctor before you start using products containing this substance.


Does Collagen Have Any Side Effects?

Does Collagen Have Any Side Effects?

When we look at the world of health, it is acknowledged that the use of collagen is generally considered to be safe. No effects such as triggering any disease or causing the progression of an existing one have been found. However, there are side effects that occur, albeit rarely, and these are due to the fact that people have different structures.

Scleroderma is an autoimmune disorder caused by too much collagen in the body. This discomfort can trigger different complications on the skin.

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What Are the Main Reasons Underlying Hair Loss?

There are many different reasons underlying hair loss. These reasons and their general details are as follows:

Hereditary Hair Loss

Hereditary hair loss is the most common cause of hair loss today. If there is a history of baldness in your family, it is possible to experience hereditary hair loss. This type of loss is triggered by some sex hormones, and accordingly, hereditary hair loss can start even in adolescence.

Age Factor 

With age, the production of collagen in the body decreases, and accordingly hair loss may occur. How severe this process will be is closely related to the person’s hereditary traits, diet, and lifestyle.

It is possible to manage age-related hair loss. However, there is no permanent solution to this problem. Dermatologists state that loss can be slowed down with collagen supplements and hair-thickening shampoos during this period.

Medical Diseases 

Diseases such as scalp infections, diabetes, thyroid disorders, and alopecia areata can cause hair loss. Besides, some drugs used to treat diseases such as depression, cancer, and high blood pressure can cause similar effects.

Consuming Tobacco Products

Consumption of tobacco products causes constriction of blood vessels and decreased blood flow rate. As a result, hair loss can be seen. Besides, nicotine in tobacco products has a slowing effect on the production of some substances responsible for hair growth. It has a reducing effect on the amount of calcium and adversely affects its transfer to the skin follicles, which are responsible for hair growth.

Insufficient Nutrition 

Due to insufficient nutrition, there may be a decrease in the nutrients used by the hair follicles. This can lead to the weakening of the follicles and make them more fragile. Insufficient nutrition can negatively affect hair growth as it directly affects the nutrient level in the blood.

The risks of diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes increase due to insufficient nutrition. These diseases and the drugs used in their treatment can harm hair health.

Changes Due to Hormones 

The losses that occur due to changes in the hormone level are often temporary. In other words, your hair restitutes without the need for any additional treatment. Hormonal changes due to giving birth, pregnancy, quitting the use of birth control pills and menopause can lead to hair loss.

Apart from the ones mentioned here, high fever, physical and emotional stress, accident, trauma, wrong hair care methods, and products can also cause hair loss.

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