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Every stage must be completed with great care in order to get successful results. However, it would not be wrong to say that some of these stages are much more important than others. Channel opening is one of them. In our article, you can learn more about why this stage is so important and other details regarding this issue.

What are the most important requirements for channel opening in hair transplantation? What negativities may be experienced If the channel and the graft are not compatible?


3 Different Techniques for Channel Opening in Hair Transplantation

There are 3 different techniques for channel opening in hair transplantation. These are in the form of Percutaneous, Lateral Slit and Sagittal Slit. the appropriate technique is preferred in the consultation before hair transplantation according to the candidate’s condition and expectation. The details of these techniques are as follows:

Lateral Slit

It would not be wrong to say that the most common channel opening technique today is Lateral Slit. This technique allows channel openning at small angles and therefore provides a natural result. There won’t be any scar on the scalp when the channel is opened with the Lateral Slit technique. Channels are mostly opened with steel-tipped blades in FUE hair transplantation. However, it is possible to do the same with sapphire tipped blades. Channels are opened with Choi-Pen in DHI hair transplantation.

Sagittal Slit

Sagittal Slit is a channel opening process with the incision method. This technique is preferred in FUT hair transplantation. As you can imagine, there may be scarring in the area after the incisions heal. This fact has caused the Sagittal Slit technique not to be preferred today.


This technique is much more laborious and longer compared to the other two techniques. Channels are opened with special micro-tipped needles. The canal size is micro level and hence the recovery period is much shorter.

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Why Is It Important?

Channel opening in hair transplantation affects many issues regarding the result. These issues can generally be listed as follows:

  • The angle of hair growth
  • The density of the hair
  • Healthy growth of hair strands
  • The depth required for the nourishment of hair follicles
  • Areas that are fully compatible with roots

All of the issues mentioned here are directly related to channel opening. If a mistake is made during channel opening, problems arise at these stages which are of great importance for the success of hair transplantation. That is why channeling is of great importance.


Which Criteria Are Important for Channel Opening in Hair Transplantation?

Important Criterias for Channel Opening in Hair Transplantation

The channels must be opened by considering certain criteria in order for the hair transplantation result to be successful. These criteria are as follows:

  • The direction the hair will grow
  • The distance and direction required to prevent the hair strands from interfering with each other while they are growing.
  • The direction of the area to be watched for hair growth to get a natural look
  • In the area where the frontal hairline is, preference of an elongation direction with a narrower area, unlike other areas,
  • Natural growth direction at an angle of 35 degrees with a forward inclination at the front hairline
  • Preserving the natural elongation directions that increase behind the crown area and go to the nape area.
  • 45 degree forward and side extension directions in the temple area providing naturalness.

The channels opened by considering the criteria mentioned here turn into one of the keys to success in hair transplantation. When these criteria are not taken into account, it can be stated that the result is far from meeting the expectations.

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What Happens If Canal and Graft Are Not Compatible?

The fact that the grafts collected from the opened channels and the grafts to be transplanted from the donor area have similar values in terms of size is expressed as canal and graft compatibility. Without this harmony, success cannot be achieved in a hair transplant. Canal and graft should be compatible with each other like a lock and key. If not, there will be different problems. For example; the grafts will be damaged and hair will not grow from many of them if the channels are smaller than they should be. Thus, the success of the transaction drops significantly.

Channel Opening Process in Hair Transplant

Sometimes, in order for the grafts to settle into the canal comfortably, the channels may be opened larger than they should be. However, in such a case, the risk of scarring on the scalp will increase. In addition, if the canal is wider than it should be, it may negatively affect the growth of the grafts at the desired angle.

Graft Depth

Channel and graft fit should be evaluated not only in terms of width but also depth. Problems arise in feeding the grafts if the depth is less than it should be. If the depth is more than it should be, this time the nourishing vessels are damaged and all hair is adversely affected.

Considering the issues mentioned here, the importance of the harmony between the graft and the canal is understood more clearly. This harmony is in an extremely fine line. There will probably be problems and the success of hair transplantation will decrease significantly if this fine harmony is not achieved during channel opening in hair transplantation.

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Is Channel Opening in Hair Transplantation Painful?

In hair transplantation, local anesthesia is applied to the scalp before channel opening. Therefore, the patient does not feel any pain during channel opening. It can be said that the ducts do not cause any pain after the hair transplantation is completed and the anesthetic effect has passed. However, as the channels begin to heal during this period, scabs and skin residues may occur in the relevant areas. This is also a temporary situation.

Innovative Technologies of Channel Opening in Hair Transplantation


The Relationship Between Channels and Hair Density in Hair Transplantation

Density in hair transplantation is directly related to the number of grafts transplanted. Some people think that density is only related to the number of grafts in the donor area but it is also affected by the channel opening process. If the channels opened are larger than they should be, the number of grafts to be transplanted will be less and the frequency rate will decrease. In order to prevent the mentioned situation, the channels must be opened in a size that is compatible with the grafts.

Opening the channels too close to each other in order to increase the density may cause problems in feeding the roots. Therefore, a complete balance must be achieved. Once the balance is reached, successful results will be obtained.



When all the issues mentioned here are taken into consideration, it is understood that the process of channel opening in hair transplantation requires serious expertise and experience. The surgeons of the Cosmeticium clinic will meet your expectations at this point at the highest level. Successful hair transplantation made to hundreds of people every year is the most important sign of this. If you are looking for experienced surgeons to have hair transplantation, you can contact us immediately and get detailed information about the subject.