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With plastic surgery, you can shape different parts of your body. Yet, in order to obtain clear and correct opinions about the result, your session with your surgeon before the surgery is very important. With consultation questions, you can find answers to the questions in your mind. Be sure that you ask these very important consultation questions to your doctor before making any decision about the surgery.


10 Questions That Need to Be Asked During Aesthetic Surgery Consultation

Aesthetic surgery procedures consist of a few stages. The first one of these stages is consultation. During consultation, your doctor determines if you are a suitable candidate for the related procedure or not. You are also informed in detail about the operation. You can also ask any question in your mind at this stage. Consultation questions that should be asked and details regarding them are as below:

Consultation Questions That Need to Be Asked


1. How Experienced Are You in this Procedure?

A surgeon gains experience every time he or she performs any procedure. Surgeries performed by an experienced surgeon are expected to meet more expectations. Therefore, you should ask you surgeon how frequently he/she performs that operation and how experienced he/she is.


2. What is the Cost? What Are The Details About Its Cost?

Many of cosmetic procedures are not covered by health insurances. Therefore, payments should be done by you. These processes that are expensive can be brought to affordable levels based on some factors. In order to avoid surprise costs or invoices after a surgery, you have to get detailed information about the cost.

Costs vary based on how difficult the procedure is. With the information you will receive, you can plan your budget.

Some cosmetic procedures can be covered up to some extent by insurance companies if it is due to some obligatory requirements (accident, for example). By talking with your health insurance company representative, ensure that you get related information.


3. How Many Examinations Will Be Done Before The Surgery?

One of the most wondered things about surgical procedures is recovery time. Yet, another process that is as important as recovery process is preparation stage. Depending on the operation, some additional tests can be required like blood tests, imaging etc. Obtaining information regarding this process is very important for you to make your plans accordingly. Among consultation questions, questions about preparation stage must exist.

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4. Do You Have Before After Photos?

Don’t hesitate to have a look at before/after photos of your surgeon’s past surgeries. At the end, your body will change after a cosmetic procedure and you have the right to get an opinion about how it will result. Discuss this topic with your plastic surgeon and state that you want to see before/after photos of past patients who received the same procedure that you want to receive.


5. Where The Surgery Will Be Performed?

Surgeries can be performed at hospitals or clinics. However, you have to learn if the place you will have the surgery is an accredited place or not. After learning the location, check if that location is a suitable place or not for surgery safety.


6. What Should Be Done Before Surgery?

In some body shaping procedures, patients have to be at ideal weight so that desired results can be obtained. Learn if the procedure you want to have has such details. With such consultation questions, you will see that the result will meet your expectations better.

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7. What Will Happen If an Important Complication Occurs During Surgery?

Cosmetic procedures are surgical operations. Even during the simples and the most frequently performed surgical operations, some complications may occur. Despite of the fact that risks of a complication has been lowered today, it shouldn’t be forgotten that such a risk is still out there.

Examine if the location where surgery will take place has required level of competency in case of potential complications. Ask your doctor what happens in case of a complication.


8. What Are the Instructions Regarding Things to Do After Surgery?

Results of cosmetic procedures may vary depending on the period after surgery. Therefore, you must pay attention to all your actions and life style. You have to talk with your doctor about this topic and learn how you will receive post-surgery instructions. If possible, request these instructions in written form from your doctor.

Consultation Questions and Instructions after Surgery


9. Who Will Answer Post-Surgery Questions?

No matter how much you are informed before your surgery, you may face undesired and unexpected situations sometimes. Or, a normal situation can puzzle your mind. In such cases, contacting an expert will relieve you significantly.

Today, doctors answer questions from their patients via telephone or similar communication channels after surgeries. You need to obtain information about the way your doctor uses.


10. When Will The Results Be Visible?

Recovery process may differ from patient to patient. Despite, an approximate information can be provided regarding when respective results will be noticeable and how long recovery process will take. You can ask a time chart regarding recovery process from your doctor. Knowing what to expect during recovery process will make you feel relieved.

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Consultation questions to be asked before a surgery are as above. Yet, depending on surgery type and its effects, different questions may also be asked. With the information you can get from your doctor, you will make a more certain decision and more correct planning for the afterwards.

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