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Hair roots have importance for hair health. Hair follicles are fed with vitamins and minerals coming from blood and also breathe through pores in scalp. However, due to different reasons, especially excessive sebum production, these pores can become clogged. Clogged pores can trigger hair loss.

In this case, breathing ways of hair follicles are closed and hair follicles are almost suffocated and may lose their functions irreversibly. This process can cause permanent hair loss.

Is hair loss caused by clogged pores permanent? What type of hair is at risk? We have gathered related information for you.


What Type of Hair is at Risk?

The risk of hair loss due to clogged pores is higher in those who have oily hair. People who have oily hair have excessive sebum production in their scalps. Sebum can cause dandruff and clog pores.

Excessive sebum production on scalp can have different reasons. Sometimes it can be due to genetic factors, sometimes due to problems in hormone levels and sometimes due to many other reasons.

Those who use cosmetic products such as hair spray and hair gel other than sebum are also at risk. Because the products mentioned here, although applied directly to hair, can also cause clogging. This risk is higher especially if hair spray is used. Persistent use of hairspray and hair gel causes this at first. After this, permanent hair loss may occur.

If you do not wash your hair carefully after using hair styling products, damage to your hair can increase incrementally.

The risk of hair loss due to clogged pores

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Is Hair Loss Caused by Clogged Pores Permanent?

Hair loss due to clogged pores can be permanent or temporary. This situation is closely related to how much hair follicles are damaged due to clogged pores. If clogging of pores persists, damage to hair follicles will be significant and permanent hair loss will occur. In spite of that, if pore clogging is not significant yet, hair loss that will occur may be temporary.

Oxygen received through pores is vital for hair follicles. The longer hair follicles lack oxygen, the higher risk there will be.


Useful Tips for Clogged Pores

The first thing to do for clogged pores is to open them. For this, you need to meet with a dermatologist and find out why pores are clogged. Actions you take without knowing the root cause may not be effective.

If excess sebum production in scalp is the root cause of this problem, the reason behind should be determined. If such a problem occurs due to hormone irregularity, you may need to apply hormone therapy. In case of a hereditary predisposition, you can start using anti-sebum herbal products.

Knowing and avoiding the risk factors for clogging can provide effective results. For example, you can stop using cosmetic products that affect scalp, such as hair spray and hair gel.

At this point, one of the most important issues to be considered is regular hair washing. Regular hair washing with a suitable shampoo can provide effective results for clogged pores.

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What Can I Do If Hair Loss Does Not Go Away?

Is Hair Loss Caused by Clogged Pores Permanent?

If you experienced permanent hair loss after your hair pores are clogged, the only permanent solution is hair transplantation. Apart from hair transplantation, there is no method or technique that will provide a permanent solution for permanent hair loss.

In hair transplantation, hair follicles from donor area are taken and transferred to bald area. Thus, in bald area, hair follicles are allowed to produce hair strands.

Clogged pores mean a huge burden for scalp. Hair follicles that cannot receive enough oxygen start to get damaged in this process. If the process is longer, damage level will be greater accordingly. As a result, bald areas begin to form.



Although clogging of pores is considered as a simple problem, it can cause permanent hair loss due to measures that are not taken in a timely manner. Yes, you can be bald just because your pores are clogged. If you encounter such a situation, you can choose hair transplantation as a permanent solution.

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