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Coronavirus has been the world’s number one agenda for the whole of 2020. As it is known, the possibility of death because of this highly contagious virus is around 3-4%. Different problems await those who defeat the coronavirus. One of them is hair loss. Yes, different examples are showing that coronavirus triggers hair loss.

The relationship between Covid-19 and hair loss has started to attract more attention recently. Famous actress Alyssa Milano made a post on social media showing how her hair fell out after Coronavirus. Thus, people’s attention was drawn to the relationship between hair loss and Covid-19.


Increase in the Hair Loss Cases After Pandemic

During the pandemic period, which started to be effective from the beginning of 2020, there has been a serious increase in the number of people who experienced hair loss. Some of the people who overcame the disease stated that they experienced hair loss.

When the number of people visiting the clinics is compared with the past, it can be said that there is an average of 25% increase in the number of people with hair loss. There may be different reasons for this increase, but the first thing that comes to mind during the pandemic period is of course Covid-19.

Looking at social media platforms, the number of people who experience hair loss after overcoming the disease is quite high. Even though hair loss has not been considered among the effects of the virus by scientists yet, many people say that there is a possibility of such a fact.

coronavirus effects on hair loss


Is Stress the Real Convict?

Covid-19 is an unknown virus and is still being searched. According to research so far, hair loss is not among the direct effects or symptoms of this virus. However, it is also a fact that those who have the virus suffer from hair loss. Therefore, it may be the case that different factors such as stress cause hair loss at this point. Stress is a condition that causes hair loss and has extremely negative consequences.

The lethal effect of the new type of coronavirus, the severe course of the disease, and its long duration can cause serious stress for those who got the virus. When emotional stress is added to physical stress such as fever, cough, and weakness, the condition known as telogen effluvium occurs and stress-related hair loss may occur.

The body has a mechanism to protect itself. This mechanism acts spontaneously depending on the perceived situations. Patients with Covid-19 feel in a very difficult situation and their bodies focus only on the basic functions. In such cases, the hair is not sufficiently fed, and as a result hair loss may occur.


Considering all these, it is not yet clear that the new type of coronavirus directly causes hair loss. However, as the disease causes high stress and this is seen at an even higher level in some people, hair loss may occur. Based on this, it can be said that one of the indirect consequences of the virus, although it is not seen in everyone, is hair loss.

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How to Fight with Hair Loss During the Pandemic Period?

To avoid hair loss during the pandemic period, one has to pay attention to stress control. Yes, Covid-19 is an extremely serious disease, but if you worry too much about it and get stressed out, it can make the process more difficult. Millions of people around the world have defeated this virus. Taking this into account, the stress level should be reduced.

If telogen effluvium occurs due to the stress experienced, your hair may begin to fall out quickly. While 70-100 hair loss per day is normal, in case of this disorder you may lose more than 300 strands per day. This situation is extremely annoying. But we have good news for you; telogen effluvium is a temporary condition. In other words, your fallen hair will grow again after a while. You will have to wait a little while for this, but you will see that your hair will come back by just eating healthy.

Different types of medications can be used for the situation caused by stress. However, it is difficult to say that they have the same effect on everyone. At this point, you should first get examined by your specialist and find the reason for the problem. Afterward, you can start using the most appropriate medication according to your doctor’s advice.

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