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Hair loss can occur for many reasons. It is important that you try to solve this problem from the moment you start experiencing hair loss. If you do not intervene in time, you may lose your hair permanently. Using hair care products, trying herbal shampoos and taking care of your hair care are some of the things you will do. Does your hair loss not disappear even if you do these things? Maybe you need to exercise more now. What is the benefit of doing exercise in hair loss? Does it have a hair loss stopping effect?

It may seem absurd to think of a correlation between hair loss and doing exercise. But sports and exercise affect your entire body. Especially it can seriously lower your stress level. As everyone knows, stress is among the most important causes of hair loss. That is why you can overcome your stress and prevent your hair loss partly by exercising. Let’s start to examine the subject more deeply.


Hair Growth Process

Before the solution of hair loss, it is necessary to know how the hair grows. Hair has a life that progresses in cycles. This cycle has 3 stages in total and constantly repeats each other.

  • The first stage; is the formation of a new hair tissue and its feeding with nutrients from the blood. At this stage, a hair strand lives on average between 2-8 years.

  • The second stage takes about 4 weeks in total. Here, the hair stops feeding itself from the blood supply and accordingly does not grow.

  • At the last stage, the hair is lost temporarily. However, the hair root remains intact. The old hair texture is discarded and the texture here is renewed. Thus, the first stage is started again.

This is the general cycle of hair growth. On healthy hair, an average of 50-100 hair strands is lost per day. This loss is a sign of the last stage. After a while, lost hair will be replaced by new hair. However, if the lost hair is more than 100 strands per day, it would be wrong to say that the process experienced is normal.


Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss is the loss of healthy hair strands for several reasons. This process is different from the natural hair cycle. The hair that is lost can sometimes grow back again, and sometimes the loss may be permanent. This situation causes sparseness of the hair of the person concerned or baldness in his hair. The main causes of hair loss can be listed as follows:

When the above items are examined, it will be seen that there are many different causes of hair loss. Among them, stress has a special place. In today’s life, most of the people are under intense stress. Therefore, stress is one of the most important causes of hair loss.

exercise and hair loss


The Relationship Between Hair Loss and Psychological State

The hormone level of people under stress changes. During this change, there may be a decrease in blood flow to the vessels feeding the hair. Especially when the stress hormone is secreted, the whole functioning of the body changes. This stage not only invites different health problems but also causes hair loss.

Numerous studies reveal that people who keep stress levels under control are healthier. It is also known that such people experience less hair loss. Therefore, one of the most effective ways to prevent hair loss is to improve the psychological state of the person.

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The Relationship Between Exercising & Hair Loss

If you think there is no relationship between hair loss and doing exercise, you are wrong. When doing exercise, body functioning and psychological state can completely change. Accordingly, it may be possible that the elements of hair loss disappear, albeit partially.

Exercising does not directly prevent hair loss! However, doing a favourite type of exercise ensures that the person is happy and thus endorphin is secreted. And this hormone is extremely important for the functioning of the body. It is known that it provides many benefits, especially stress relief. When examined in terms of hair loss, the elimination of stress will make one of the most important causes of hair loss disappear.

Playing sports and doing exercise indirectly prevent hair loss, though not directly. However, as stated above, one has to do an exercise that he enjoys and loves. Another important point is that he should not force himself excessively when exercising. It should also be remembered that a balanced and healthy nutrition program should be followed while doing exercise.

If your hair loss continues even though you do exercise and control your level of stress – which is possible – you should definitely see a dermatologist to learn the source of this and get medical support.

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