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Today, hair transplantation is performed using the most advanced techniques. Accordingly, the success rate is extremely high. However, from time to time, mistakes can be made for several reasons. The main reason for these may be the lack of experience, sometimes the wrong method, and sometimes different situations. You can find detailed information about these issues in the continuation of our article.

Why does hair transplantation go wrong? What kinds of mistakes are likely to be made? What should we pay attention to?


Reasons for Failure of Hair Transplantation Procedure

The main reasons for making mistakes in hair transplantation and the failure of the procedure are as follows:

Wrong Graft Usage

When performing hair transplantation, nape is generally preferred as a donor area. However, it is not correct to say that all grafts on the nape are suitable for transplantation. First of all, the right graft must be selected. Then this should be positioned correctly, and it should be transferred to the related point with the correct angle. If these issues cannot be fully achieved, grafting will fail.


Inexperienced Surgeon

One of the most important reasons for hair transplantation to fail is the inexperienced physician performing the procedure. Physicians who do not have sufficient knowledge and experience about hair transplantation techniques, their application and other issues will fail. Especially in new hair transplantation methods such as DHI, experienced physicians should be preferred. It is more important at this point how many operations the doctor has performed, rather than how many years of experience he has as a specialist.



Wrong Candidate

Hair transplantation is the definitive solution to hair loss and permanent baldness. However, this solution is not suitable for everyone. For example, hair transplantation cannot be performed on someone whose hair loss continues intensely. Or those who experience hair loss due to different diseases should first be treated with medical intervention. There is a possibility that hair transplantation performed on such wrong candidates may not succeed.


Improper Care After Surgery

Hair transplantation is a long process. The first 8 to 12-month period after the procedure is also included in this process. In other words, hair transplantation will not be completed after 8-10 hours of operation. During the aftercare process, the person should act according to the instructions given by the doctor. If the person does not follow the instructions here, the result will be disappointing.


What Mistakes Can Be Made In Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a procedure consisting of several stages. Mistakes can be made at each of these stages. Below are the most common mistakes and their explanations:

Incorrect Consultation

The first stage in hair transplantation is consultation. Here, it is checked whether the person is a suitable candidate for hair transplantation. In addition, the person is given information about what to get as a result. The consultation phase consists entirely of interviews and, contrary to what is believed, is extremely important. If at this stage a wrong decision is made about whether the person is an eligible candidate or not, the result may not be as expected. Similarly, putting the person in high expectations and the incompatibility of the result may be considered as failure.


Keeping Hair Roots For A Long Time

In order for hair transplantation to be successful, it is necessary to keep the hair roots outside for as little as possible. As this time increases, the hair follicles’ health deteriorates and they eventually die. Therefore, in the latest DHI technique developed, hair follicles are transplanted almost without any waiting time outside. In other techniques, this period is a little longer. It is very important for the surgeon who performs the hair transplantation to pay attention to this issue.


Improper Planning

Planning for hair transplantation is done at the consultation stage. It should not be forgotten that not everyone is a suitable candidate for hair transplantation. Initially, this should be planned in detail. If a wrong plan is made and hair transplantation is started, it can be said that the result will be a huge disappointment.

Fail Hair Transplant


Preference of Cheap and Poor Quality Clinics

Hair transplantation is a procedure that requires professionalism. For this procedure to be successful, the right clinic should be preferred. Clinics preferred only because they are cheap, may not meet expectations. Therefore, you should make sure that you choose the right clinic.


Technical Mistakes

In hair transplantation, grafts must be removed correctly and channels suitable for these must be opened correctly. At the last stage, grafts are placed in these channels at a certain angle and the procedure is completed. However, technical mistakes made during these procedures will cause hair transplantation to fail. An example of this is not opening a channel of suitable size.


How Can The Problems In Hair Transplantation Be Resolved?

If there is a mistake in hair transplantation or a problem has occurred, firstly a better quality clinic should be visited if possible. Here, the process should be explained and solutions for mistakes should be sought. When you go to surgeons who are experienced in their field, it will be possible to solve the mistakes you have experienced.

Different solutions can be produced depending on the cause of the mistake. For example; additional grafts can be transplanted in the rare areas by buying additional sessions. However, it should be noted that if there is a different mistake made, it should definitely be corrected.

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